By setting up a few items in your Cost Matrix and creating an internal or administration job/s in Streamtime you can effectively capture annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, etc.

Creating an Internal Job

Go to Jobs > New Job button and create a new job with yourselves as the client.

Tip: You can create as many jobs as you need. Some clients have separate jobs for leave, general admin etc., other clients will create one admin/internal job for a whole year.

You can also colour code your job/s with a unique colour by clicking the colour palette button. So when you're looking at the Task Calendar you'll be able to easily identify tasks that are internal.

Assigning Tasks so they appear on the Task Calendar

If you wish to see internal tasks on the Task Calendar you will need to create tasks on the job. These tasks will need to be assigned to a staff member/s, have start and due dates and estimated time.

Note: Tasks must come from the drop down list, which is setup in the Cost Matrix. Click here to see how to assign tasks if you're unsure.

Tip: If you create a task that you wish to assign to multiple people you can hold down the ALT key (Shift on a PC) while selecting the Staff members.

Tip: If you're putting in a task for annual leave make sure the estimated time covers all days the leave is for. E.g. if someone is having 5 days off then you'll need to put in 40-45 hours (8/9 hrs x 5 days - depending on how many hours a day you work) in the Estimated time column.

To see the Task Calendar go to Jobs > Task Calendar.

For more info on setting up your Task Calendar click here.

Entering time against house/admin tasks

If you've assigned a staff member/s to a task then it'll appear in the their Me > My Tasks tab and they can enter time just like they would on any other task.

For more information on how to add time against tasks click here.

Alternatively, if you've assigned a staff member/s job ownership on the job ticket.

Then they can enter time in Me > Add Time or Materials button.

Note: If they have ownership of the Job the Job Number will appear in My Active jobs.

Then they can:

  1. Select the Task

  2. The duration of time

  3. Add any notes to the time entry

  4. Click the Add Time button

Viewing time recorded

All time recorded on the Job can be found under Jobs > Costs.

You can also run reports like Time & Materials by Staff and Job, Detail Time on Job to see the time recorded on each job.

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