There are several ways you can enter time in Streamtime. This article outlines how to enter time straight onto any active or work in progress (WIP) job.

If you have been assigned a task then click here to find out how to enter time against tasks.

On some jobs it isn't always necessary to assign tasks to people. So if you want to add time directly onto a job go to Me > My Tasks and click the Add Time & Materials button.

You can filter the Job Selector by My Active.

This refers to any active jobs where you have been assigned as the Job Owner in Jobs > Overview.

Or All Active - which is any job in Streamtime with an active status.

You can sort the jobs by:

  1. Job Number

  2. Client Name

  3. Job Name

to make them easier to find.

Once you have found the job you wish to add time to, click the arrow next to the Job number.

Adding Time

This will then allow you to enter time or materials to that job. The window will automatically default to Time entry.

Use the drop down to select what item/task you're putting time against e.g. Design.

Note: It is important you use the drop down for this as the item must come from the Cost Matrix. If the item you need to put time against is not appearing then speak to your system administrator.

You can populate the hours and minutes you worked on the task.

Or put in a Start and Finish time.

You can also use the date picker to change the date of the time entry.

  1. Mark your time as billable or non billable

  2. You can then add notes

  3. Complete the task, if you have finished it

  4. Once you've filled in all the relevant information click Add Time

When you add time to a job using the Me Tab > Add Time & Materials button, Streamtime can automatically create a task for you if this feature is enabled in Setup > Admin > Jobs.

Note: You do not have to create a task, the option is there if you wish to create one. If not, just click OK.

If you click Create Task, a task is created with today's date at the Start date. You can then add Estimated Time and a Due Date if required by clicking the Edit task icon.

Adding Materials

If you wish to add materials or expenses to a job then after selecting the Job number as above, you need to click on the Materials tab.

Use the drop down arrow to select your Material or Expense e.g. a Courier.

Note: these items all come from the Cost Matrix and are quantity based items as opposed to time based items.

  1. You can then say how many items there were

  2. Put in a rate/cost for that item, if you know what it is

  3. Decide whether you'll be billing the client for the material/expense

  4. Add any notes

  5. Once you've filled in all the relevant information click Add Material

Editing your Timesheet

If you've made a mistake on your timesheet and you'd like to edit it, then click on the My Timesheet tab.

To edit a Timesheet entry click the edit button next to the time entry.

This will allow you to edit your time entry if you have made a mistake. Once you have corrected the time entry click Save.

Deleting a Time Entry

You can also delete a time entry from the My Timesheet tab. Simply click the trash can next to the time entry you wish to delete.

And click Delete.

Note: You can only delete a time entry if you have been given access to delete by your system administrator.

Viewing your Timesheet

Clicking on the My Timesheet tab, allows you to see your timesheet entries for the day and for a breakdown of time for the week.

If you wish to view time entries for a different day you can use the arrows either side of the word Today.

Or use the Select Date field to pick which date you'd like to view.

Printing your Timesheet

If you wish to print your Timesheet click the Print button.

You can preview, print or save a PDF of a Day View.

Or you can preview, print or save a PDF of a Week View.

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