This report displays total amount invoiced less actual costs of time, materials and purchase orders to show profit and loss on a job.

To access this report go to Reports > Job Performance > and select Profitability by Job

You can run this report using the following criteria:
 Date Range
 Client or Supplier Name
 Client to Invoice
 Job Status
 Active Jobs
 Invoice Status
 Job Number
 Project Number
 Client Manager
 Sales Code

Note: If you enter a date range the report will return all jobs that have been invoiced in this date range. Streamtime will then ask if you wish to see all costs and invoices on these jobs or only those matching the chosen date range.

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to Excel so you can use the data to create your own reports

This report displays comparison data for all jobs found within the criteria specified.

Each line displays the Job Number and Job Name

The Invoice Date will show the date the job was invoiced

Note: If there is more than one invoice on a job, it will show the date of the latest invoice

Total Invoice will show the total amount of all invoices on the job

Note: If there is more than one invoice on the job and you have used a date range in your search criteria, it will only show the total of invoices within that date range

Total Actual Cost is based on the cost value of all time and materials plus the cost values of all active orders for each job

The cost value is based first on the cost assigned to the staff member in Setup > System Setup > Users

or if this is left blank, Streamtime will use the cost price for the item in the Cost Matrix

Note: If you have no costs rates in Streamtime, then the report will return no costs for your time & materials

For the purchase order to appear as a cost in this report, you need to ensure your order has an active or reportable status.
 For more information on active statuses click here

Profit/Loss is Total Invoiced less Total Actual Cost

Note: All non-home branch figures are converted to the home branch currency using the exchange rate values entered against a branch.

Finally there is field with the title Custom3. If you don't see any information in this field do not be alarmed. This is a field which can be customised to suit your own needs. For example some clients like to see which account manager is responsible for each job, so they can customise the field to pull this information on the report.

To customise the field you need to go to Setup > System Setup > Jobs and go to the Custom Fields area. The field you want to edit is the Custom3 field as this is the field that pulls onto the report.

Once you have create the custom field in the Setup tab you can then go to Jobs > Custom and use that field so it can be utilised on the report.
 See below

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