This report shows total amounts of time and materials invoiced against the costs of the time and any materials purchased to complete the job.

Note: This report can only display one job at a time.

To access this report go to Reports > Job Performance and select the Job Profit with Margins report

You can run this report using the following criteria:
 Billable/Non Billable
 Job Number

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to Excel so you can use the data to create your own reports

This report is sorted by Cost Centre, which are the Categories in your Cost Matrix

The Amount Invoiced looks at the total amount invoiced per Category and is broken down into Time and Materials.

Amount Invoiced - Time: Looks at the Invoice rate of all time based items on the Invoice

Amount Invoiced - Materials: Looks at the Invoice rate of all Orders and any quantity based items (materials) on the Invoice

Actual Invoiced: Looks at Total Amounts invoiced for each Cost Center/Category

Actual Costs shows the number of hours and costs recorded against each Cost Centre/Category again broken down into Time and Materials.

Actual Costs - Hours: Looks at the hours spent on each Category of the job

Actual Costs - Average Rate: Takes the time cost and divides it by the number of hours

Actual Costs - Time Cost: Looks at the cost of each time entry (see below for more information)

Actual Costs - Material Costs: Looks at the costs of any quantity based materials and active orders on a job (see below for more information)

Actual Costs - Total Costs: adds all costs for each category together to give a total

How are costs calculated?

The cost of Time is based first on the cost assigned to the staff member in Setup > System Setup > Users

or if this is left blank, Streamtime will use the cost price for the item in the Cost Matrix

Note: If you have no costs rates in Streamtime, then the report will return no costs for your time & materials

And for the Orders, Streamtime takes the cost rate of the item on the actual order.

Note: Orders returned in the report will be any order with an active status. If you create your own Order statuses you need to make sure they are active so they are picked up by the report.
 For more information on understanding active statuses click here

Margin - Time: Actual Invoiced less Total Time Costs for each Category

Margin - Materials: Actual Invoiced less Total Material Costs for each Category

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