If you want to get a quick financial overview on your jobs there's several places in Streamtime to see this.

To see an overview of a selection of jobs go to Jobs > Jobs List and search for the jobs you'd like to see in your report.

Tip: If you want a quick look at your current jobs click My Active, which will show all jobs with an active status of which you are the owner or All Active, which will show all jobs that have an active status, regardless of who is the owner.

Once you have the list of jobs you wish to report on, click the financial view button on the right, to get a financial view of those jobs.

This will return a list of jobs and show you:

1. Total of active quotes on the Job

2. Total costs on the job - this is made up of time, materials and active orders

3. The sell value of time, material and active orders

4. Total amont invoiced on the job

5. Gross Margin - Invoiced less Job Costs

6. Gross Profit - Invoiced less active orders

This list can also be printed and exported to excel.

If you wish to get a quick overview on a particular job, then do a search for that job in Streamtime, go to the Overview tab and click on the financial view button, located on the right. In this view you can see, in graph form, Quoted vs Potential Sell vs Invoiced figures of your time, materials and orders.

Also in this view you can run a Job Cost Report, which will give you a very detailed report on that particular job.

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