This report lists jobs and shows what has been quoted, what has been invoiced to date and what is left to invoice based on the total quoted amount.

To access this report go to Reports > Job Performance and select the Amount to Invoice report

Report Filter

You can run this report using the following criteria:
Date Range
Client or Supplier Name
Job Status
Active Job
Job Number
Project Number
Client Manager

Note: If you enter a start and end date as part of your report criteria, then the report will be generated on the Job Deadline field, i.e. it will look for jobs with a deadline in the date range.

How to view your report

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to excel so you can use the data to create your own reports.

The report will return a list of jobs and include the job number, job name, branch, job status and job deadline.

Amounted Quoted is the total of active quotes for each job.

Note: Only quotes with an active status will be displayed in the Amount Quoted column.

Amount Invoiced shows what has been invoiced (to date) on the jobs found.

Amount to Invoice

Amount to Invoice is Amount Quoted less Amount Invoiced.

Please note: All non-home branch figures are converted to the home branch currency using the exchange rate values entered against a branch unless you search by branch, in which case the result is in the branch currency.

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