Streamtime allows users with the correct permissions the ability to duplicate Quotes, Jobs, Invoices and Tenders/Orders. Duplication can be performed to save time when a new job is required that is very similar to a previous job in the system or to edit (remake or alter) a job and it’s associated quote/invoice.

Duplicating a Quote

To duplicate a quote go to the quotes tab, find the quote you wish to duplicate and click the Duplicate button.

Creating a Sequence

You have the option to create a sequence.

This will append a letter after the existing quote number e.g. 1165A.

Tip: By creating a sequence and selecting to keep the job number when you duplicate the quote, this will keep the quote linked to the original job. This comes in handy when your client makes several changes to the brief and you have to keep creating new quotes/estimates.

Creating a Brand New Quote

You also have the option to create a new quote number and either keep the same job number for the new quote or have no job number.

Having no job number will allow you to raise a new job when you're ready. This is ideal if you've create a quote in the past and you'd like to use the details again for a different job.

Tip: This method can be very handy if you've created a quote template.

Duplicating Orders

Duplication can also be performed within the orders tab. Simply click the Duplicate button on the right hand side.

Click Duplicate when prompted.

And your request for tender or order will be duplicated.

Tip: This can be very handy if you want to send a request for tender to multiple suppliers. Simply duplicate the first request and the change the supplier's name.

Duplicating a Job

To duplicate a job go to the Jobs tab, find the job you wish to duplicate and click the Duplicate button. This will provide you with some duplicating options.

You can simply select to duplicate this job ticket.

This will copy the existing detail of the job: name, client, client PO, related project and status onto a new job with a new number.

You can also choose to duplicate any related quotes, when duplicating a job.

By selecting all, this will duplicate all quotes related to the job you're duplicating. Selecting active, will only duplicate related quotes with an active status.

If you have tasks on the master job that you wish to also be duplicated onto the new job, then click 'Yes' next to Tasks.

This will bring the same tasks onto the new job.

Note: Start and due dates will be empty to allow you to assign new dates that apply to the new job.

Finally, you can also duplicate invoices related to the particular job.

This will duplicate any related invoices.

Tip: This can come in handy if you have monthly retainer jobs, you can duplicate the job and the invoice each month.

Advanced Numbering Options - Remake

Select 'Remake'.

This keeps the original number of the job you are duplicating, but appends an R on the end of the new job.

Advanced Numbering Options - Alteration

Select alteration.

Again, this keeps the original job number but appends a -1 after the number.

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