In an ideal scenario every team member who contributes to a job in your business would have a Streamtime license, allowing them have Tasks scheduled to them and allowing them to enter their time straight into Streamtime. This ensures that you are capturing costs on your Jobs correctly. If you regularly have freelance or contract workers in to assist you with your work load then you may want to consider adding another Streamtime license.

Adding freelance costs using purchase orders

If your freelance or contract workers are only in for a short period of time then you may want to consider creating purchase orders for the work that they do.

Purchase Orders still enable you to capture costs correctly. In this instance when your contractors invoice you, make sure they include the jobs they worked on so you can create the purchase orders on the correct jobs.

Create a Cost Matrix item to reflect the 'Contractor', or outsourced element of project.

Here you can add a default markup.

You will also need to ensure that you set up your Freelancers or Contractors as Suppliers in the Contacts area of Streamtime. See here for instructions on setting up new companies in Streamtime.

Find the Job that you need a Contractor for, visit the Costs area and press the New Order button.

Choose your Supplier and enter the details of the services they provided, along with the Cost to you. You can also add a markup to your Client at this point. Ensure you have used a Reportable Order status such as On Order or Received. See here for more on Reportable Statuses.

You will now see the Cost and Sell value of your Freelancers time against you Job.

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