This document shows a history of all versions of Streamtime Classic - the most current up to date version being at the top of the list.

We strongly recommend you use the latest version of FileMaker Pro for new releases

14.0v5 - Released 29 May 2018 

– Minor security updates around the ability to create more secure passwords and displaying information on those passwords (for GDPR).
– Various small improvements and optimisation.

14.0v4 - Released 21 December 2016

Various improvements detailed below.

– Added function to filter special characters from client code
– Copy postal address to physical address only shows warning on overwrite (not when fields are already identical or empty).
– Company details and company list now use the same dropdown value list for the sort field.

– Quotes and orders can be deactivated in batch (with alt key), even when they are already locked.

– Speed optimisation of job cost screen (recorded time & materials)
– Navigation issue from jobs financial overview advanced search resolved.
– Job cost report not generating errors anymore in PDF readers.
– Improved job screen navigation so user with full access always sees $$ values of time entries instead of start/end time.
– When moving a task from one job to another you have the option to move all related time entries along or keep them on the original job
– In the job cost, recorded time & materials, it's easier to see which time entries were not made against a task.
– When prompted to make a task from a time entry, the notes from the time entry are used in the task description
– Fixed issue where you could add a tasks if a job is locked or you don't have scheduling privileges, but you couldn't edit it.
– Improved job numbering when duplicating jobs with alternation.
– Fixed issue where estimated time on a job was not correct after changing ET on one of the tasks. The task would show up with a ? and the totals wouldn't add up.

– Fixed invoice numbering sequence issue when invoice number equals job number.
– Excel export of invoices now contains client ID, invoice status and Payment Date
– Editing account manager name on invoice now also makes it show correct in the invoice list / job details / job list
– Headers, footers and tax code are now correct when duplicating invoices.
– Hold ALT while duplicating an invoice to make a credit note
– Non reportable order lines will not be transferred to the invoice, with clear warnings.
– Non reportable quote lines will not be imported to an invoice, with clear warnings.

– Tasks on Job report now exports all the fields that are showing in the report.
– Sales Opportunity report now shows correct quoted values, based on quotes linked to the correspondence record.
– Export Detailed Cost by Job no also exports currency converted values.
– Profitability by job report now reports correct cost figures.
– Year by Month financial overview reporting correctly, even after certain cost matrix items have been deleted.
– Detailed Cost on Job and Detailed Cost & Sell by Job report now show up to 1000 purchase order lines.
– Timesheet Summary (Weekly) can be filtered by department, which is convenient in larger teams.
– Timesheets by Category report now also reports time values as well as $ values

– Financial Year is automatically updated to this year. Default invoice list only shows invoices from this year.
– Better mechanism for updating all records when you change the branch code.
– When creating a new branch, all fields are prepopulated from the home branch.
– Fixed issue where new branch would be assigned the same code as an existing branch.
– Added function to filter special characters from the staff code, e.g. Bob O'Neil becomes BON instead of BO'
– Error checking on default statuses in the setup. Problems will be highlighted to help you find and fix errors.
– Client Code and Client ID are now available through Streamtime API.
– Project number now available in GET requests for jobs.

14.0v3 - Released 09 November 2015

Various improvements detailed below.


Support for FileMaker Pro 14
Support for OS X El Capitain
Support for Windows 10

- Fixed issue where user with Partial access to Quotes might end up in strange states when doing QuickFinds and Advanced Finds
- Fixed issue when changing a branch short code to a similar code would incorrectly update records
- Fixed issue where you couldn’t select a category in an unlocked invoice when related job is locked
- Fixed permissions issue where staff has no access to TimeMaterials, they could still see costs in the Time & Materials List
- Fixed sorting issues for Quote/Order & Invoice Numbers in List Views....
- Fixed record lock issue which occasionally occurred on startup
- Fixed small UI glitch where window alignment would be wrong on startup
- Fixed issue where editing My Calendar > Reminder in popup would refresh Calendar view
- Fixed issue where Job > Costs Portal was not sorting when clicking headings
- Fixed issue where exporting contacts was allowed even if you selected ‘Lock Exporting of Contacts’ in System Setup
- Fixed issue where Importing PO lines into an invoice, the invoice would get the PO’s tax code instead of the Client’s Tax Code
- Email address is now a compulsory field when adding staff members
- Removed ‘Compose & Hold’ option when emailing from Streamtime, will now do this by default

14.0v2 - Released 06 August 2015

Various improvements detailed below.


- NEW “Replace user” option from System Setup, replace an old staff member with a new one.
- NEW effortless, silent activation (no user effort required)….
- Many other issues have been fixed…. see details below.

- On Activation date, Streamtime will activate automatically without user intervention.

- Contact People Export now includes person’s state and postcode.
- Added Material total sell to Time & Materials Export.
- Added Total Time Used to Jobs List Export.
- Added Project ID & Project Name to Job List Export.

- Loading the Task List for the first time will now show only incomplete tasks by default.
- Weekly Timesheet (Summary) Report now loads much faster.

- NEW “Replace User” from System Setup, swap out an old employee for a new one.

- Timesheet Summary (Weekly) Report will now display staff members who have been deleted from the system.
- Fixed issue in “Client Income vs Time Logged" report where total cost of time was not showing.
- Fixed issue in Client Revenue report which may affect invoice totals in this report.

- Removed current record indicator from all list views & replaced with Active Record highlight
- Added dialog to prevent creating new quote from a locked Job.
- Fixed errors appearing when accidently tabbing (manually or via scripts) into Exchange Rate fields.
- Creating a new Cost Matrix Item is now enabled for ALL departments by default.
- Department is now required field when adding new staff members.
- Duplicating a Purchase Order will now give the (new) Order the default Order Status from System Setup.
- Duplicating a Quote will now give the (new) Quote the default Quote Status from System Setup.
- Removed currency symbol from the Print-Invoice|List layout.
- Updated lookups for Job Address 1, 2, & 3 fields to the related companies physical address.
- Fixed issue where Job Progress Bars would not update when deleting time entries with no associated task.

- Fixed screen flicker issue when modifying the estimated time field.
- Fixed issue where Job Account Manager would not populate in list view when new Job is created and client is selected.
- Fixed issue where creating tasks from quote lines may end up with wrong Estimated Time on Task.
- Fixed issue where importing a Purchase Order into a Quote would create an infinate loop.
- Fixed issue where moving a task to a differnt job would not allow you to choose by Job number.
- Fixed issue (Windows Only) where removing or adding a Job Number to a Quote would resize the window.
- Fixed issue (Windows Only) where creating a new Quote from Quote Detail screen would resize the window.
- Tax codes for Purchase Order lines now default to supplier’s tax code (rather than home branch tax code).
- Updated Email script to substitute any line breaks in the subject field with spaces was causing issues with some mail clients.
- When Importing Purchase Order lines into an invoice, the tax code is now NOT imported.
- Fixed issues where Job List > Financial view was not remembered as last list view in certain cases
- Fixed issue where the user preference for not allowing duplication of Quotes/Orders/Jobs & Invoices was not being respected

14.0v1 - Released 17 March 2015

Various improvements detailed below.

- Xero Invoice Export now offers rounding of invoice line totals when they exceed 2 decimal places.

- Improved Advanced Search, clicking search should resume script
- Improved QuickFind script where no records found it would keep the existing found set instead of showing (no records)

- Fixed Invoice lock icon may show unlocked icon when the record is locked

- Improved Text formatting on Notes field in PO Print Form, should respect case sensitivity
- Fixed issue in the Me screen where a “x” would appear on Quantity based tasks even if nothing was recorded that day.
- When a Branch code is changed all related (unlocked) Companies/Quotes/Orders/Jobs & Invoices are now updated
- You can edit users shown in “People visable in Task Calander”
- Creating a Invoice from a Job > New Invoice gets the same branch as the Job
- Creating a Job from a Quote > New Job gets same branch as the Quote by default
- Creating a Quote from a Job > New Quote gets same branch as the Job by default

- Fixed issue where Streamtime window not maximizing after transferring PO line to Quote
- Fixed issue in System Setup ... clicking the arrow next to a staff member would not take you to the detail view of that staff record
- When navigating away from Job List > Financial view and back, your position is now remembered
- Fixed error where creating a new pricing tier would forget which Cost Matrix record / found set you were on.
- Added option to install Streamtime's Plugin “Later” so if users are having plugin issues, they can continue working
- Fixed a error where users could not click ‘Show Total On Quote’ when printing Quotes

- Fixed issue where duplicating a job was retaining the old job progress bar
- Fixed error related to updating progress bars when modifying the related task or job associated with a time entry
- Fixed issue where duplicating a Job would not reset the progress bars for the job and related tasks

- Minor changes to Staff Time Reports
- Fixed error where there was a Wrong figure in total on Detail Cost & Sell by Job report (Total Cost for Time and Orders)
- Improved Purchase Orders & Revenue by Job Report

- Added new logic to change user’s password from System Setup
- Modified security regarding when users can modify an invoice... now only on the invoice lock status
- Improved Partial access to Job Costs. "Searching ‘entries” the total time used was not recalculating

- Fixed issue where editing estimated time on Task from Jobs > Notes & Tasks would resize window on (Windows users only)
- Fixed issue where Streamtime window not maximizing after transferring PO line to Quote (Windows users only)

14.0 - Released 02 February 2015

Performance Improvements

We've made several changes to the underlining structure of Streamtime, which has helped to improve performance in several areas including the Job List. This is an ongoing effort minimise work done on both the FileMaker client and FileMaker server side.

To get the most out of Streamtime 14, we strongly recommend you use both FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Server 13 as some data intensive tasks are now passed off to the server to complete so you don't have to wait.

Performance is largely dependant on how much data you have in Streamtime and the state of that data. In this release we've added new tools which makes it easy for you to manage your data by batch locking and completing items.

To learn more about optimising your Streamtime database for best performance please take a look at the following article:

Optimising Streamtime Performance

Default Record Load

When you log into Streamtime for the first time and navigate through the tabs, you’ll be presented with a different found set of records than in previous released.

Minimising the amount of records sent from the server to the client speeds things up.

Here's what is downloaded when you navigate to different tabs:

Contacts = All Contacts

Quotes = Active Quotes

Orders = Active Orders

Jobs = Active Jobs

Invoices = Any invoices with a creation date equal to or greater than your Financial Year start date (in system setup)

Batch Locking Quotes/Orders/Jobs/Invoices


In the list views for Quotes/Orders/Jobs & Invoices you can now Option click (Mac) or Alt click (Windows) an unlocked record and you’ll be asked if you want to LOCK ALL RECORDS IN FOUND SET likewise if you click a locked padlock you’ll be asked if you want to UNLOCK ALL IN FOUND SET

Job Locking has a 'cascading' effect

Locking a job will now lock all related Quotes, Orders & Invoices and will PROMPT you if you'd like to complete any incomplete tasks.

Batch Completing Tasks


Go to the task list, in the “Task” Menu at the top of the screen, you now have the option to batch complete all tasks in the found set... doing so improves performance of your Task Calendar and Gantt chart views.

Duplicate Invoices


If you're billing a client the same amount over and over again, or if you'd like to set up an invoice template that you can re-use for multiple clients, you can now create an invoice once and then duplicate it.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

There have been numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

Please Note: Streamtime 14 is not compatible with Windows XP

13.0v9 - Released 13 September 2014

- Daylight Savings bug fix to task calendar.

- Cost Matrix multi currency enhancements.

- New add-on setup detection and launch url on home screen.

- Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v8 - Released 24 June 2014

- Improved Multi-Currency support.

- Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v7 - Released 17 March 2014

- Changes to Cost Matrix behaviour when deleting or editing items.

- Financial Overview improvements including adding totals to printed report.
- Added ability to search timesheet notes in Time & Materials list view.
- Name and cosmetic changes to Estimated Task Time report.
- Changes to Profitability by Job report.
- Allow FileMaker 13 users to transfer large quote descriptions to tasks .
- Advanced search of quotes and orders allows search on "reportable".
- Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v6 - Released 23 October 2013

- Mac OSX Mavericks Support.
- FileMaker 12v5 Support.
- Time and Material list shows cost and sell rates.
- Me/MyTimesheet supports long job names.
- API Updates.
- Quote navigation fixes.
- Additional reports.
- Job Financial list supports job lock.
- Improved timesheet print form.
- Initial opening of Me screen shows correct graph results.
- Email body content fixes.
- Improvements to Decimal Rounding across entire system.
- Better Xero export logging.
- Exact Online Accounting supported (Belgium and Netherlands).
- Contacts Map Fixes.
- Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v5 - Released 29 June 2013

- Orders list changed to show due date not required date. - Removed Google Chrome Frame requirement in Task Schedule bringing many windows fixes. IMPORTANT NOTE - Internet Explorer 10 is now required for Windows machines. IE10 is only supported on Windows 7 and 8 Windows operating systems.

- Related invoices now show in the invoice details area.
 - Job number and job name separated from invoice advanced search.
 - Fixed quote client name change bug.
 - Me screen up and down arrows to indicate sort orders.
 - Schedule privilege doesn't allow user to create new tasks.
 - Billable / non billable flag fixed in ME screen when entering time.
 - Partly paid invoices show as orange in invoice list.
 - Invoice total added to invoice advanced search.
 - Export people now exports client / supplier field.
 - Emailing invoice no longer overwrites next company action.
 - Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v4 - Released 21 May 2013

- Added ability to import companies and people. Watch video.

13.0v3 - Released 16 May 2013

- Fixed find date ranges in Invoice and Invoice List Screens
 - Fixed sticky mouse on dragging task calendar timelines
 - New reactor installer using 'install plugin' script rather than external installer.
 - Recording time on a previous day in Me screen will stay on that day to allow repeat entries.
 - Fixes add time popup from job details (plus button) displaying correct window.
 - Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v2 - Released 4 May 2013

- MYOB Exports now to txt not tab file format
 - Mark invoices as paid even if invoice is locked
 - Financial job list print option
 - Invoices show paid colour orange
 - Favorite reports stay after an update
 - Timesheet Alias update fix
 - Financial list export available
 - Daisychain time fix for when you add time with the blue add buttons
 - Updating from old versions will calculate time correctly if there was no start time recorded
 - Search invoice export date
 - Updated Task Calendar, Task Gantt with new UI
 - Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v1 - Released 17 April 2013

- Advanced find in invoicing screen improved.
 - Creation of new quotes from job details now working for quote sequences.
 - Export PO override if order number or date does not exist.
 - Orders quicksearch now searching also on status.
 - Updating old versions now pulls through reports correctly.
 - Various enhancements and bug fixes.

13.0v0 - Released Wednesday 1st March 2013

- Significant UI changes across the entire solution, please watch this video before you update to see all of the changes - there are far too many to list all of them here!

Some of the main chances include:

- New quick search in many layouts

- Favourite reports

- Introduction of reporting graphs

- Invoice payment tracking

- Better overview in job details

- Improved financial jobs overview

- Smarter use of quote and purchase order status (Active/Reportable)

- Improved history tracking

12.0v3 - Released Friday 30th November 2012

- Fix for the lock in invoicing completing all open task on WIP jobs

12.0v2 - Released Wednesday 7th November 2012

- Task progress bar Graphic updated.

- Progress bar against the job now displays all hours logged against the job, not just hours logged against a task.
- PC activation issue resolved.
- Direct email to contact from company view issue resolved. Outlook 2012 specific.
- Added excel export function to the Quarterly Costs & Revenue Report.
- Fixed alignment and title issues in the lists views since v12 conversion.

- [API] Fixed material field not populating in new quote line.

12.0v1 - Released Friday 11th September 2012

- New file format to support and work with FileMaker 12. (note this version only works with FileMaker 12 and above)
- Significantly faster performance of all add ons - approximately 10-20 times faster than previous versions of Streamtime.

11.0v4 [A0B] - released August 2012 - this is the final version of Streamtime to work with FileMaker 11 before we ported the database structure over to FileMaker 12..

- General Performance enhancements
- Fixed activation issue that took a user into an endless loop during reactivation.
- Fixed an issue with Blank tasks randomly appearing in Streamtime.

11.0v3 [9F5] - released Friday 6th June 2012

WARNING - Unless you are upgrading from 11.0v3 [9EF] then this upgrade may take several hours to perform. See notes against 11.0v3 [9EF] for details.

- Fixed the record button in the ME tab intermittently not recording on some tasks.

11.0v3 [9EF] - released Friday 25th May 2012

WARNING - This upgrade will perform significant optimisation on your Streamtime Database and if you have many time entries in your copy of Streamtime it may take several hours to perform.

- Improved performance when running calculations on large jobs to avoid 'processing records' message.
- Job Invoicing > Summary now supports multiple currencies. All values conniver to home currency.
- JCR updated to allow PO and Time costs to be displayed in the currency assigned to the job rather than the currency of the home branch.
- Job Tracking > Add time window reverted to previous layout allowing for user and day to be edited.
- Issues with budget report resolved.
- WAN performance improvements.
- API now available.

- Multiple Streamtimer updates.

11.0v3 [9D1] - released Wednesday 14th March 2012

- Streamtime version is Streamtimer v2.0.6 compatible. BETA tag removed from Streamtimer.
 - Allows payment terms to be added to quotes without the need for a job.

11.0v3 [9D0] - released Friday 27th January 2012

- Gantt Chart functionality improvements - 'split tasks', adding and completing tasks.
 - Streamtime 'black box' update - manages calendar, gantt and timeline views.
 - Cosmetic change to the job tracking and job invoicing list views when sorting by heading (Job No - Job Name - Client etc). First column is bold allowing easier readability.
 - Time and Materials by Project now exports as expected.
 - Purchase Order lines are now referencing cost matrix markups and sell rates. The default rates are applied - not the tiers as they are applied to clients, not suppliers.

11.0v2 [990] - released Thursday 4th August 2011

- Performance of list views in Job Tracking and Invoicing tabs have been improved so calculations are performed far more efficiently and has resolved the 'Updating Records' progress bar experienced by some clients.
 - Updated iPhone app to display customised Quote status'
 - fixed search to find Quotes with a status of 'Quote in Progress'
 - Quote line items with a $0.00 amount will only display the description. This is handy for those wanting to insert headings into their quote.
 - Fixed window resizing issue when adding time via a PC.
 - Courier label is now available to print via the Job Tracking > print centre.

11.0v2 [97F] - released Thursday 12th May 2011

- Fixed issue with Calendar not displaying month view entries correctly.

11.0v2 [97E] - released Thursday 5th May 2011

- Xero now supports Purchase Order Export - it doesn't send the PO's themselves to xero, but it exports payable invoices (i.e., PO's with a supplier invoice number attached)
 - Updated Gantt Charts for Mac - loading Google chrome frame error no longer appears (Reactor Controls, blackbox).
 - Updated fusion reactor version improving startup and gantt/task schedule performance – month, week buttons working and timeline on PC
 - Can now delete purchase orders while in the list view - no longer get locked error
 - Add ability to save an exchange rate against a quote. This can be used as a preference when working out home currency calculations.
 - Active order totals on the quote screen now show correctly.
 - The Invoice export from list of Invoices no longer goes to another layout when cancelled
 - Sales by Client reports averages now showing correctly and also now exporting correctly
 - Incurred v Billable by Sell Basis is now exporting to Excel correctly.
 - Quickbooks integration update - sub-items now supported.
 - Updated Totals box on Job Invoicing - Jobs List screen to show Actual GP
 - Updated the Timesheet Entry screen to only show Materials assigned to your timesheet group.
 - Updated all Streamtime interface and popup layouts - This will speed Streamtime up for users with large systems.
 - License activation terms updated
 - Fix to the Job Cost Report (JCR) Actual Total GP Calculation.
 - Fix to Quote Number duplication – Streamtime will not allow this to happen.
 - Fixed Email in PDF when duplicating quotes - will refresh quote email details
 - Fixed client budget by month report

11.0v2 [965] - released February 9th 2011

- Update to resolve quote line items not disappearing without a screen refresh
 - Added functionality in setup to configure Emails for Quoting, Invoicing, Jobs, Correspondence
 - Added functionality for invoice date sequence
 - Updated client web app and Streamtime to handle custom status'
 - Printing task schedule and timeline fixes
 - New Reactor released improving startup and gantt/task schedule performance
 - Calendar modifications and fixes - drag and drop in calendar
 - Client budget report fixes
 - Detailed time on job and WIP summary by client report export fields updated
 - Sage export updated to ensure address details present on all lines
 - Resolved Streamtimer Parse error

11.0v2 [93D] - released December 9th 2010

- Ability to select multiple jobs within Projects tab
 - Updated data pointers to calendar views improving zooming and sliding functionality
 - Gantt view buttons updated

11.0v2 [938] - released November 26th 2010

- Fusion Reactor version is now tied to the Streamtime build
 - Gantt chart stability improved - limitations placed on the ability to zoom and move task at same time to avoid date issues
 - Task search functionality in Me tab improved
 - Staff billable report discrepancy resolved
 - French and Dutch printforms added

11.0v2 [924] - released October 29th 2010

- Calendar fix - Windows 7
 - Updated fusion reactor plugin
 - Staff billable report fix
 - Gantt view's now support ability to alter different working days during the week.
 - Internal scripting changes - Invoice Printing
 - Cosmetic changes to pop up screens

11.0v1 [90D] - released October 1st 2010

- Series of fixes in the Me/MyTasks screen, better search, more sorting, add time to any job from that screen
 - Popup timesheet from Me / MyTasks tab
 - record time directly onto the JobTracking/tasks
 - Improved hyperlinking between task list back to job details
 - Multi select staff in tasks with FileMaker 11 on Mac
 - Xero integration
 - Calendar fixes
 - Fixes to Activation
 - Preference in Job Tracking to turn off "task does not exist do you want to create one" every time you add time
 - Fixes to Sage export script
 - Fixes to Quickbooks export

10.0v6 [8F3] - released September 8th 2010

- Fixed bug where email addresses change to one particular email address during the update process

10.0v6 [8F1] - released September 3rd 2010

- New and Improved My Tasks screen
 - Purchase Order sell rates are now being calculated in the "Quoted vs Actual vs Invoiced with GP" report.
 - 3 new reports added: "Time by Project", "Staff Value for Completed Tasks", "Amount to Invoice"
 - Improved sorting functionality in the Job Invoicing > Job List view
 - Fixed email function on duplicated jobs
 - Export button added to Quote List view
 - Improved error checking on change user password function
 - Email Signature from My Settings now appears in all emails sent out of Streamtime
 - Fixed pricing Tier "Sync" button in Job Quoting
 - Budget figures now reporting correctly in the "Company Profitability" and "All Client Income" reports

10.0v5 [8CB] - released July 15th 2010

- Added iPad app compatibility

10.0v4 and Earlier

10.0v4 [8CA] - released June 21st 2010
 - Printing from Correspondence screen fixed.
 - Applied checks for FileMaker Pro 10 if updating to this build. Going forward user must have FileMaker Pro 10 to be able to run Streamtime. New functionality in the system not compatible with FileMaker Pro 9.

10.0v4 [8B6] - released June 1st 2010
 - Linking between Purchase Orders and Quotes fixed.

10.0v4 [8B2] - released May 26th 2010
 - Sage Export no longer removes "w" when correcting invoice lines
 - Calender week view available again in the Me Tab
 - Job Owner retained when duplicating a Job
 - Able to view attached quotes to locked jobs
 - Artwork & Printing quote pulling through correct order detail
 - Strict Time permission now restricts overlapping time entries in Job Tracking area
 - Time and Materials by Day report export corrected

10.0v4 [89B] - released May 4th 2010
 - GST rounding calculations on Quotes updated to match invoices
 - Corrected calculations in Quote vs Actual vs Invoiced with GP report
 - Duplicating Quotes brings through correct cost rate and OPN letter
 - Invoice numbers generated correctly when duplicating Job
 - People Contact sort list copies over when updating database.
 - Improved scrolling in PO and Invoice screen
 - Time Sheet Week View report now only shows 7 days.
 - Job List export now includes information on tasks
 - WIP search Criteria added to Job Cost Alert report

10.0v4 [866] - released March 12th 2010
 - Resolves invoice list printing issue
 - Quote vs Actual vs Invoiced with GP reports correct currency symbol

10.0v4 [863] - released March 8th 2010
 - Resolves re-activation issue
 - Can now use the criteria Job Status in the report Quoted vs Actual.
 - Can now search by client manager in Job Invoicing > Job List view

10.0v4 [85B] - released February 17th 2010
 - Resolves Gantt issue caused by latest Google Chrome Update for PC users.
 - Deadline field format changed from MM/DD/YY to DD/MM/YY
 - Updates to iPhone, Streamtimer and client web app.
 - When performing a find in Quotes tab, cursor now defaults to 'Quote Number' field.
 - 'Active Quotes' and 'Active Orders' in Contacts tab now correctly linking to corresponding records.

10.0v4 [834] – released December 23rd 2009
 - Warning applied when trying to complete or delete a task that the stopwatch is running on.
 - When the "New" button is clicked in the Job Tracking screen user is asked whether they are sure they would like to create a new job.
 - Linking from a Tender & Order to a Quote fixed.

10.0v4 [831] – released December 16th 2009
 - Added red line through line items in the Job Invoicing > Time & Materials screen to show when related cost matrix items have been deleted.
 - Corrected multiple currency cost calculations in "Time and Materials by Staff and Job" report

10.0v4 [82C] – released December 15th 2009
 -New Fusion Reactor Plugin released. Improved functionality of Gantt Charts and Calenders
 - Updated cost calculations to account for deletion of related Cost Matrix items in the "Quoted vs Actual vs Invoiced" report.

10.0v4 [824] – released December 2nd 2009
 -Streamtimer Widget add on application

Streamtime 10.0v3

Short summary of inclusions:

 - Introduction of the Job Cost Report

 - Improves performance when duplicating a Quote line
 - Time Entry - Addresses issue whereby the Stop Watch would not respond on occasion
 - MYOB - Export maps updated to mirror MYOB requirements
 - Improves SAGE Accounting integration
 - Improves linkage between Purchase Orders and Jobs
 - Improves linkage between Quotes and Job Invoicing
 - Improves search functionality within job Invoicing list view
 - Improves performance of Job Tracking graphical reporting

 - Sales by Client Report added
 - Detailed Time & Sell on Job Report added
 - WIP Sell Summary by Client Report added
 - WIP Jobs, Detailed Report added

10.0v3 Updates:-
 10.0v3 [81E] - released November 18th 2009
 10.0v3 [81C] - released November 12th 2009
 10.0v3 [817] - released November 4th 2009
 10.0v3 [814] - released November 3rd 2009
 10.0v3 [80A] - released October 10th 2009.

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