This report shows the costs of time and materials, the costs of active orders and amount invoiced, allowing you to compare your costs and revenue over a 3 month period.

To access this report go to Reports > Revenue and select Quarterly Costs & Revenue

You can run this report using the following criteria:
 Date Range
 Client or Supplier Name
 Job Status
 Active Jobs
 Job No
 Project No
 Client Manager

Note: If you enter a date range the report will show costs and revenue over a 3 month period, starting from the first of the month you select as your start date.

The report returns job number, job name and client name, for any jobs that have time & materials, active orders and invoices generated in the date range. It then breaks them down by each month in that quarter.

The time & materials column

Returns the costs of any time entries created in the date range

The cost value is based first on the cost assigned to the staff member in Setup > System Setup > Users

or if this is left blank, Streamtime will use the cost price for the item in the Cost Matrix

Note: If you have no costs rates in Streamtime, then the report will return no costs in the time & materials column

The active orders column returns the costs of any purchase orders with an active status, created in the date range.

Note: A purchase order must be linked to a job if it's to show in this report.

Streamtime calculates the date range in the following order:

1. First it will use the date you received your suppliers Invoice

2. If the suppliers invoice date isn't there then it looks to see what date the request became and order

3. Finally if there's no dates in those two fields then Streamtime will look at the date you created the initial request or order

The Order also needs to have an active status for it to appear in the report.

For more information on active statuses click here

Invoices that have a date with the date range specified will also be included in the report

Date is calculated from the created date on the invoice

The report will also show totals for time & materials, active orders and invoices for the quarter

Finally the report shows:

1. Total amount invoiced and total active orders for the quarter based on your search criteria

2. Gross Profit (Total Invoiced less Total Active Orders) and Gross Margin (Total Invoiced less Total Costs) for the quarter

Please Note: All non-home branch figures are converted to the home branch currency using the exchange rate values entered against a branch, unless you search by branch, in which case the result is in the branch currency.

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