This report shows totals for quotes, the potential value of time, materials and purchase orders and invoices generated against a job.

To access this report go to Reports > Job Performance and select the Quoted vs Actual vs Invoiced with Variances report

You can run this report using the following criteria:
 Date Range
 Client or Supplier Name
 Billable/Non Billable
 Job Status
 Job Number
 Project Number
 Client Manager

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to Excel so you can use the data to create your own reports

When you run the report it will search for jobs based on the creation date. If no date range is entered as criteria, it will return ALL jobs.
 The report will show the complete history for the jobs including all active Quotes, Time and Materials, active Orders and Invoices created on the job.

1. Date In - this is the date the job was created

2. Quoted - this is total amount quoted for that job based on active Quotes associated with that Job number

3. Potential Sell - This is the total potential value of time and materials and active Orders on the job. This is calculated using the sell rate of the item, not the cost rate.

4. Invoiced - shows amount invoiced to date

5. Variance to Quote - Quoted less Potential Sell

6. Variance to Invoice - Invoiced less Potential Sell

There is a grand totals row at the bottom summerising Quoted, Potential Sell, Invoiced and Variances for the returned data.

Please Note:

As mentioned above the Potential Sell in this report is calculated using the sell rates.
 For time and material entries, Streamtime looks at the item chosen from the Cost Matrix and takes the rate from the Pricing Tier associated to the client/job.

And for the Orders, Streamtime takes the sell rate of the item on the actual order.

Note: Orders returned in the report will be any order with an active status. If you create your own Order statuses you need to make sure they are active so they are picked up by the report.
 For more information on understanding active statuses click here

If you wish to see actual costs of time and materials and orders, you will need to run a different report.

Going to Jobs > Job List > Financial View is a good report to gauge Costs vs Invoiced as is the JCR report.

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