Below are common error messages that have been reported to us by our clients. If the error that you are getting is not on this list please contact us and we will investigate further.

Invalid Path

The path under the Settings tab needs to point to the local Sage company files normally located in C:/ProgramData/Sage/Accounts/20XX

Activate 3rd Party Integration in Sage

Both errors below will appear when your Third party integration has not been activated in SAGE. Go to Sage > Tools > Activation > Enable 3rd Party Integration. You will then get instructions on how to get the activation Key.

Customer name, do you want to add?

You will get the following question appear during the invoice import. This can happen when the customer name does not match in Sage entirely or when the customer name has not been created in Sage. Please make sure it does NOT exist in Sage already before clicking on yes.

Connection Failed Username already in use 

This error pops up when Sage is open at the same time as the AP Import tool. Closing Sage will resolve. 

Cannot Open SETUP.DTA

The message shown on the image below can be caused by:

- 3rd Party integration not being enabled.

- Not having enough permissions to the drive where the company file is selected

- Issues with the User Access Control (contact your IT to gain permissions)

- Having the wrong file path showing.

Another Cannot open SETUP.DTA error occurs when the company file path is not being found. Selecting the right file path from the settings should fix this for you. The path is normally C:/ProgramData/Sage/Accounts/20xx (the year)

Sage SDO v xx Error: 0 Description:

This error occurs when there are blank fields on the invoices where there shouldn’t be. For example when the first line of the address is empty, when the description or quantity fields are empty, etc.

Sage SDO v18 Error: 18 Description: Invalid value specified

You will encounter this error when there is an issue with one of the fields in the export. Most likely there are too many characters on it. Sage has a limit on the number of characters for certain fields. To see all the field limits check the table in this article - Sage Import User Guide - Part 3 - Test & Import

Error: Connection Failed Invalid data path. Please check your connection settings. You need to make changes to your ODBC settings.

This is normally caused by having the wrong company file path in the Settings tab of your AP import tool. The path needs to point to the local Sage company files normally located in C:/ProgramData/Sage/Accounts/20XX

Blank pop up when testing the connection

To fix this, close the AP Import tool and re-connect after checking that all details are correct. You can check the details on the Settings tab of the AP import too. These settings include:

- The Accounting Package / Sage Version drop-down

- The ODBC UserName and password (they must match your Sage login details)

- The ODBC FilePath, normally C:/ProgramData/Sage/Accounts/20XX 

Permissions on a shared Sage file

If you are sharing your Sage file on a separate drive, you must have permissions to the drive to be able to export to Sage. Talk to your system administrator who will be able to grant you access.

Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date...

This error will come up when you have the wrong version of Sage tool installed.

You might need to update your operating system so that a newer AP import tool can be installed.

Enter your Serial number and activation key

 Please get in touch with Sage so they can provide you with your serial and activation details.

Program can’t start because mfc100.dll is missing…

When installing the AP import tool you might come up with this error. Please install MS Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (32bit)

You can download it from the link below.

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