Traditionally credit notes are raised in you accounting package but there is a way to create one in Streamtime through the Invoices tab.

Note: For clients integrating with Sage, this is the only process for transferring credits across to your Sage accounting package.

For clients integrating with Xero, Xero does not support importing invoices with total amounts of $0 or less from Streamtime. We recommend creating credit notes directly in Xero.

In Streamtime 14.0v3 and earlier

Go to the invoice you wish to credit and duplicate it.

Next manually make the quantities on each invoice line negative:

In Streamtime 14.0v4 and later

Duplicate the original invoice holding down the ALT key and confirm that you wish to create a credit note.

This will duplicate the invoice and automatically make all quantities negative for you.

Alternative: Credit note with specific cost matrix item

Alternatively, you can also create a cost matrix item specific for credit notes and make a new invoice with a single line as following:

Note: When reporting job totals, the end result is the same for both methods. But when reporting on the job or invoice details, there is a difference. If you sell 500hrs of Design at $120 and credit 100hrs of the same Design, then the balance will be 400hrs or $48,000. If you sell 500hrs of Design, but credit 1 x $12,000 under a different product, then e.g. the Sales (by Cost Matrix) report will have correct totals, but it would show distorted figures individual products, like Design...

Printing a credit note

It's best to print the credit note on a different layout than the default invoice layout.
A credit note layout should already be available in your print forms, although it may be hidden.


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