Sometimes you'll need to make changes to your Staff Member (User) Setup and/or to the number of Licences you're paying for; Streamtime offers a number of ways to perform a variety of requirements.  In this article we'll show you how to:

  1. Add/Remove Licences

  2. Delete a User

  3. Add New Staff Member 

  4. Replace a Staff Member

  5. Transfer data from an 'old' User to a new User


1. Add/Remove Licences

If you want to check the number of Licences you currently have, in Streamtime, go to Setup  > System Setup > Users > Staff Licensed to use Streamtime

To increase or decrease you Licence count, log into your MyStreamtime admin portal; everything you need to know about this can be found in here.  


2. Delete User

If a Staff Member has left and you want to delete them, it's perfectly safe to do so; when a staff member is deleted from Streamtime, all information (time entries, notes etc) for that staff member will stay in the system. 

Once click on the trash to delete a User, a pop up will confirm which user you are deleting; if the information is correct click OK.

The final step is to ensure that you remove Filemaker Pro from that person's computer; you can do this by simply moving the application to the Trash.


3. Add New Staff Member

To create a new User click on '+ New Staff Member' and fill in their details, remembering to note the Staff Short Code, Login Name and Password that you've created.  If you see a message advising you don't have enough Licences, see Point 1 above.

Note: Streamtime passwords are case sensitive. 

4. Replace Staff Member

Why use this option over simply deleting the 'old' User and creating a new one?  'Replace Staff Member' not only saves you the extra step of deleting then creating, but it also allows you to transfer incomplete tasks from the 'old' User to the new one.  Go to User Setup and click on the 'Replace Staff Member', then follow these steps:

Select the Staff Member who you want to remove and delete them.

Then add the New Staff Member's details.

If the 'old' Staff Member had incomplete tasks outstanding, you will be asked if you want to assign them to the New Staff Member; in this example, Lindsay had 3 incomplete tasks, all of which I'd like to re-assign to Elvis.

You'll then be notified that Lindsay has been successfully replaced by Elvis.

And when you view the Task List for Elvis, you'll see Lindsay's incomplete tasks have been assigned to him.

5. Transfer data from an 'old' User to new User 

If a Staff Member leaves your organisation and is replaced by someone new, the standard practice is to delete the 'old' User and create a 'new' User.

It is also possible to transfer all the data associated to the ‘old’ Staff Member to a new User; to associate the tasks & time entries to the new account, please follow these steps.

New User Settings

Once you've created the New Staff Member in Streamtime, you can then assign:

  1. A Department.

  2. A cost rate for that Staff Member; this is the hourly rate that Staff Member costs you, not the charge your rate.

  3. Weekly hours.

  4. Access privileges.

No Access - user has no access to that area of Streamtime.
View Only - user can see the area but can make no changes.
View & Print -  is the same View Only but also allows the user to print as well.
Partial Access - means that "cost" prices are switched off so the user will only see sell rates; Partial Access   only applies to can View/Create Quotations, can Modify Time & Materials and can Invoice Jobs.
Full Access - means the user has full access to that area of Streamtime.

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