In Streamtime if you have created tasks on a job but have yet to assign them to a staff member they will appear on the Task Calendar. This will allow you to see them easily and assign them when there's availability.

Switching On Unassigned Tasks

For unassigned tasks to appear in the Task Calendar you will need to go to Setup > System Setup > Jobs and make sure Show Unassigned Tasks is switched to Yes.

Unassigned Tasks

Sometimes when you create tasks you may not always know who is available to assign the task to. If you create tasks on a job and do not assign them to a staff member,

they will appear to the right of the Task Calendar under Unassigned Tasks.

When you are ready to assign the task you can grab the task from the Unassigned Tasks list and move it to an opening on the Task Calendar.

In this example the task is now assigned to the staff member, Ruby O'Riley.

If we check the task on the Job we can also see the task has been assigned to someone.

And the task will also appear in the staff member's Me > My Tasks tab.

If you try to place a task in the task calendar on a day past it's due date, you will get a warning. You can choose to cancel, in which case the task jumps back to the unassigned tasks. Or you can choose to continue. In this case, the task is placed on the chosen date and time and the deadline is changed to the start date/time + estimated time. In this example, the deadline would be reset to Thursday afternoon.

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