You can track retainer work and hours on jobs by creating specific retainer tasks on a job to allocate time to. The benefit of doing this is so you can determine how many hours of the monthly retainer time you are going to allocate to each WIP job you are currently working on for the client.

Start by creating new Cost Matrix items for your retainer tasks. Use the Category "Retainer" and prefix your Descriptions with "Retainer XXXXX".

You can send a quote to a client advising them of how many hours on the job will be taken from the pre-paid monthly retainer and how many hours on the job will be a separate charge.

It's also easy to filter the retainer time from your time entries, by typing "retainer" in the search field. The values at the bottom of the screen will automatically recalculate based on the found results.

On the job for the client you can add Retainer Tasks and allocate the number of hours the job that will be assigned to retainer time. Once the time has been used up on a retainer task, mark the task as completed and the task will grey out and drop to the bottom of the list.

You can run the report called "Detailed Tme on Job Report" to get the amount of retainer hours used for a particular client each month. Run this report using the criteria fields: 

  • Client Name = Client Name 

  • Category = Retainer

  • Start Date = Month Start 

  • End Date = Month End

This will give you the total time spent on Retainer based work for a client for that month. It is further broken down by job and staff member.

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