You can use Streamtime to present a timeline to your Client. To create a timeline we do this in Jobs > Notes & Tasks. These milestone 'tasks' are drawn from the Cost Matrix. The extent of detail in your timeline will depend on what items you have in your Cost Matrix.

Creating appropriate Cost Matrix items

Usually you'll have items in your Cost Matrix like Artwork, Design etc which you will sell onto your clients in a Quote or Invoice or assign to a staff member as a Task. However you can also have other items in your Cost Matrix such as milestones or critical path items e.g. Brief from client, artwork to printer etc, that will have no costs associated with them. You can use these items to create a Timeline.

If you wish to add these new milestone items to your Cost Matrix simply go to Setup > Cost Matrix and click New Item.

You don’t have to have any costs associated with these items as no time will be put against them.

Once you've created an item, click the arrow to the left to drill into a more detailed view.

In this view, you need to make sure the Show in Tasks box is checked so you can add these items to your Timeline.

Creating the Timeline

Once you have all the Cost Matrix Items you need, you can start building up your Timeline in Jobs > Notes & Tasks. Go to the Task/Material column and pull the relevant items into your Task list.

Add in any additional notes in the Details column, these will also appear on the Timeline.

If you find yourself writing in the same kind of Details every time you can use the drop down arrow to create some predetermined Details.
 Simply click on the drop down arrow, then click Edit.

Type in the notes/details you require and click OK.

This will now be available for you to select in the drop down menu

You can then fill in the Start and Due date columns.

Note: these are usually set to the same date for these kind of tasks.

You can also assign staff members to the particular Tasks in the Staff column. This is not always necessary as these are not Tasks that anyone will be putting time against however, by assigning them to a particular Staff member it can serve as a reminder when something is due.

Removing tasks from the Timeline

If there are some tasks you do not wish to appear on the Timeline (you don't always want clients to see when you're doing your internal tasks),

then you can simply drill into the Task by selecting the edit icon, to the right of the task.

And choose whether you want the Task to print on the Timeline. If the box is unchecked then the item will not appear on the Timeline but if it is checked it will appear on the Timeline.

Printing the Timeline

Once your timeline is done to your satisfaction, you can send the Timeline to your staff members or clients by clicking the Print/Send button.

When the print centre window appears choose the Timeline option from the drop down menu then you can print it, save it as a PDF or email a PDF to your staff and clients

The due date, the task and the details will appear on the Timeline.

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