In Streamtime there are several ways to create and assign tasks. This article looks at creating tasks directly onto the Task Calendar.

Go to Jobs > Task Calendar

Simply find the person and the date you want to assign the task to and double click in the space

A pop up will appear allowing you to select which Job the task is for.
 You can filter by My Active which will show all the "active" jobs you are an owner of

Ownership is assigned in Jobs > Overview

Or All Active

Which will show all jobs with an 'active' status

Click the arrow next to the Job number you wish to create the Task for

This will give you a new Task window and you can set about creating the task by:

1. Selecting the Task by going to the Task/Material field and clicking on the drop down arrow

2. You will then need to assign estimated time to the task i.e. the amount of time you're giving the staff member to do the task

3. You can then modify the specific date and time you wish the person to start the Task.

4. You can then assign a date and time for when the Task is due. You do not have to assign a time but assigning a due date is quite important for prioritising work.

5. You can also add Notes to the task, giving your staff member extra instructions related to that particular task

6. Once you've created the task click Save

The Task will now appear on the Task Calendar

If you click on the task a pop up will appear with all the Task details.

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