Streamtime version 9 and above allows the export of both Invoices (Sales) and Purchase Orders (Expenses) to supported MoneyWorks versions.

Supported Accounts Packages

Select Correct Package

Before you start using Streamtime you must ensure that you set the correct account package, type of export and country that you will be exporting your accounts in.

Setup > Administration > Invoicing
 Ensure that the Accounts package has been set as MoneyWorks, and that the correct version is selected. Please note that MoneyWorks v5 refers to MoneyWorks Gold v5 or MoneyWorks Express v5. Later versions of Streamtime may have more accounts export options available.

Also note that on this screen, there is the option for a “Default Accounts code for Sales” & “Default Accounts code for Invoices” - Each new cost matrix item added in Streamtime will use these default accounts codes. We will deal with where these numbers come from next.

Invoice Number Type

Most versions of MoneyWorks support alpha numeric invoice numbers so tying the job number and invoice number together using the setting ‘Use Job No as Invoice No?’ is fine.

Starting Invoice Number

If you already have invoices in your accounts package you will need to specify a specific point at which Streamtime starts generating new invoice numbers. We recommend you locate that last Invoice Number in your accounts package then add 1000 to it. Set this number in Streamtime as the starting point for all new invoices. This will leave a gap of 1000 invoices in your accounts package which can be back filled in the future if required or used to load any previously missed invoices during your transition to Streamtime period.

Cost Matrix Setup

The Cost Matrix in Streamtime lists all of the items that you buy and sell. Each item in Streamtime has a “Sales” code and an “Expense” code assigned to it. This code should match the Moneyworks account you want the figures to be posted against.

Contacts > Companies

Each contact in Streamtime needs to match up with a company in MoneyWorks to be able to transfer invoices or purchase orders. Contacts are matched based on an Accounts ID field. (Right hand side of the details screen).

Exporting Invoices from Streamtime

In Streamtime, all exporting is done from the list screen. Invoice exports for accounts packages are done from the Job Invoicing > Invoice List screen. Ensure you perform a find for invoices that have been issued and not yet exported before clicking export.

Confirm Export

Primarily this is checking if the export button has been accidentally clicked. Click “Yes”. You will now notice 2 things.

1. The Export Date on the list changes to today’s date
 2. A dialog box appears asking you where you want to save the exported file to, and what format. Ensure you select “Tab-Separated Text”, and in terms of a name, call it something like June Invoices”

Save File

Note: If you are on a PC, Moneyworks won’t recognise a .tab extension, so you should use a .TXT extension.

Pause Here

Leave the next dialog on the screen as you change to MoneyWorks to import this file.

Importing Invoices and Purchase Orders from Streamtime

1 - Open MoneyWorks
 Note: If MoneyWorks is running, you could potentially save your file now so that rolling back to this state is possible. Do so if you have any concerns with the import process.

2 - Select “File > Import > Transactions”

3. When prompted Select the file you just saved out of Streamtime.

Import Field Order

You will next see an Import Field Order screen. Check to see that the fields are matched correctly and then click OK.

MoneyWorks will now pre-process the exported batch and report any errors (as shown below). If there are no errors, then this batch is okay to import, in which case you can go back to Streamtime and set all invoices as Exported.

Working through Import Errors

If there are errors in the batch, then these will need to be corrected before the file can be imported into Streamtime. From our notes below, we have the following errors :
 * #1 Accounts code does not exist
 * #2 Tax Code does not exist.
 Another common error is that #3 the client code does not exist.

To correct error #1, we now need to go back to Streamtime, review the invoices we just exported, checking the items on the invoice. The Cost Matrix code for one of these items does not exist in Moneyworks. You can either:
 a) Update the Accounts Code in Streamtime’s Cost Matrix, or
 b) Add this accounts code to Moneyworks’ list of accounts.
 Refer to the Setup > Cost Matrix section if you require help with this.

To correct error #2, you should check the ‘tax code’ on the invoiced items. Instead of updating the tax codes on all of your existing invoices in Streamtime, an easier solution is to add a new Tax Code to Moneyworks. From the Menu, select Show > Tax Rates

To correct error #3, you should set the company code to the same in Streamtime as it is in Moneyworks. Refer to the Setup > Contacts section for more information on this.

Once you have resolved your errors, you should then re-export the file from Streamtime and import it again. Once the import is successful, you should return to Streamtime and “Set all invoices as Exported and Lock them”

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