Sometimes it's hard to capture all the time that you spend on client amendments and corrections. This is quick way of easily capturing and invoicing those amendments.

Create some new items in your Cost Matrix

First you will need to create a couple of new items in your Cost Matrix - Setup > Cost Matrix > New Item

This article from our Knowledge Base will assist in creating new Cost Matrix items.

In the example above we've created 3 new items, Client Amends 1, Client Amends 2 and Client Amends Billable.
 This is based on a quote/estimate including two rounds of client amendments and all others being billable

Assigning Tasks

Assign your tasks for the Job and when the first round of client amends comes in create a new Task, Client Amends 1.
 Be sure to assign to the staff member you wish to do the task, put in start and end dates, fill in the details field to include what the amendment is and finally in the Billable column uncheck the billable box as this task is not billable as it's included as part of the original quote.

Adding Time

When the staff member fills in their time against this task there is a place for them to include their own note, the time should be non billable and they should complete the task once it's done

By completing the tasks as they go it will keep the users My Tasks area tidy but it will also allow other staff members to see that the task has been done

When the second amendment comes in use Client Amends 2 as the task. Again if your second round of client amends is included in your original quote/estimate then make sure the task is non billable

Assigning Tasks for Billable amendments

If all other client amendments on the job are billable then choose Client Amends Billable, this time though you'll keep the task as billable.

Adding Time to Billable Tasks

It's important for all billable tasks to have a note against them so you know what you're billing your client for

Time & Materials

By checking the Costs tab on the job you can easily see the time entries of staff and what items were billable and non-billable

Invoicing Client Amendments

When it comes to Invoicing you can invoice based on your quote/estimate but you can also check in the Related Time and Materials tab to see if there's any billable client amendments. If there are you can transfer these into your invoice, by clicking the down arrows next to the items

These will then be part of your invoice

Grouping your Client Amendments into one line item on your invoice

By giving them the same letter and number combination in the Option column, you can group them all together so only one line item/cost appears on your invoice. Use the bottom Invoice Description in the grouping to type what you want the client to see e.g. Additional Client Amendments

These client amendments will now appear on your Invoice in one line item and one total cost

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