Without FileMaker Server running automated backups, single users must be sure to manually backup their Streamtime database files.

As a single user your database will be stored locally on your machine in a folder of your choice.

Streamtime strongly recommends that at the very least a daily backup is taken to avoid data loss in the event of any issues.


Your Streamtime database is made up of 2 files, Streamtime.fmp12 and Printforms.fmp12. Steps to backup your Streamtime system:

 - Ensure Streamtime is closed.
 - Highlight the folder your Streamtime database files are located in.
 - Right - click and 'Compress' (MAC), 'Send To > Compressed File' (WIN).
 - Your machine will create a .zip folder which acts as your backup.
 - Saving a copy of this .zip file to a USB, CD, DVD or external HD is recommended.

Restore your database from backup

To restore from a backup:

 - Delete the folder with the corrupt database files
 - Double click the .zip backup folder
 - Use the unzipped folder which should have both Streamtime.fmp12 and       Printforms.fmp12 files present

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