The Billable and Non Billable functionality in Streamtime allows for certain reports to be run in the Reports tab and can also be used as a filter in these reports.

This functionality also provides a visual indication to the user, allowing them to see at a glance which time and materials entries should be transferred to an invoice.

All time recorded on a job (both billable and non-billable) will appear on the Job and in reports such as Quoted vs Actual vs Invoiced, unless using the report filtering. The reason for this is because, all time spent on a task, billable or not, is a cost to your business. Whether it is passed on to the client is your choice.

Creating Billable / Non Billable Jobs

When you create a new job in Streamtime, the job will automatically default to a Billable status. This is indicated by the tick in the Billable box.
 Removing this tick, will make the job Non Billable.

When a job is marked as Billable, then all tasks on the job are automatically marked as Billable too

Likewise, if a job is not marked as Billable i.e. there is no tick next to the word Billable

Then all tasks on the job will automatically default to a Non Billable status

However it's important to note that you can indeed pick and choose which tasks on your job are Billable and which tasks are Non Billable. A tick in the Bill column means you expect the time on that task to be Billable, and if you uncheck the box so there's no tick, then you're expecting the task to be Non Billable.

Adding Time to a Job

If a job or task is marked as Billable then when a staff member enters time against that job/task the time entry will default to being Billable

If a job or task is marked as Non Billable then when a staff member enters time against that job/task the time entry will default to being Non Billable

Note: Staff members can overwrite this feature if needs be. For example if a Task is Billable but for whatever reason, the staff member knows you can't charge for the time used, they can uncheck the Billable box and time will be recorded as Non Billable, and vice versa.

Viewing Time on a Job

These time entries can then be viewed in Jobs > Costs

and also in Invoices > Related Time & Materials.

You can easily see which time entries are Billable allowing for easy transfer to your invoice, should you wish to Invoice based on Time and Material entries, of course.

Using Billable/Non-billable in Reports

When running a report in the Reporting area, if Billable is a filtering option, you can use that to run reports on Billable or Non-Billable time.
 However if you don't use this filtering then as mentioned above, all reports that use time entries in their calculations will show both Billable and Non-billable time in the report.

The only report that looks at Billable and Non-Billable time separately is the Billable vs Non-Billable Timesheet Summary

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