This article steps through setting up integration between Streamtime and Quickbooks when no Sub-Items exist in your Quickbooks item list.

Quickbooks Item List - Primary Items

When the Quickbooks item list does not include sub-items (above), the 'Description' of the Streamtime cost matrix (below) is what is used to match the records. In this example, you can see that 'Artwork' is present in both the Quickbooks item list and in the Streamtime cost matrix.

Streamtime Cost Matrix

Streamtime Setup

Go to the Setup > Invoicing tab in Streamtime.
 1. In the 'Accounts Package' drop down ensure that 'Quickbooks FMBooks Plugin' is selected.
 2. The 'Use sub-items in Quickbooks?' option should be set to 'No'.

Export Invoices

Via the Job Invoicing screen, perform a find for the invoices you wish to export. For example, to find the invoices that fall within a specific date range perform a find using [start date]..[end date].

Invoice Status

The 'Invoice Status' column will give an indication of the success of the export.

If it has failed, the error message will provide you with information as to why.

Invoice is successfully exported

Check Quickbooks

The invoice should now be present in your Quickbooks system.

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