Transferring the hosting of the Streamtime database from one server to another should be performed by your IT professional. The procedure involves the transfer of the FileMaker server application from one machine to another, which is best supported by FileMaker themselves, however below are some basic steps that can be used as a guide for completing the transfer.

Streamtime Backup

A backup will need to be run to ensure the latest work is saved before shifting the Streamtime database.

  1. Open Filemaker Server Admin Console

  2. Select ‘Schedules’

  3. Highlight a schedule

  4. Click on calendar icon in top right and select 'Run a schedule now’

Close Live Databases

  1. Open Filemaker Server Admin Console

  2. Select ‘Databases’

  3. Highlight both the Streamtime.fmp12 and Printforms.fmp12 database files

  4. Select the folder icon in the top right and then 'Close'

Copy Streamtime to New Server

Locate the backup you just created of your Streamtime.fp12 and PrintForms.fp12 files on your server.

 Macintosh HD > Library > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups

 C: > Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups

The two files - Streamtime.fp12 and Printforms.fp12 are your most recent Streamtime database. Copy them over to your new server desktop and to a third location for safety.

Uninstall FileMaker Server

Two instances of FileMaker Server on the same network may cause a conflict. Uninstalling the version from your 'old' server (or removing it from the network) is required before installing FileMaker Server on the new server.

Uninstall FileMaker Server on the ‘Old’ Server
 Confirming that you have a copy of your Streamtime.fp7 or Streamtime.fmp12 and Printforms.fp7 or Printforms.fmp12 files in a safe place - locate the original FileMaker Server installer package on your server. (FMS[version]WIN.ZIP or FMS[version]MAC.ZIP e.g. 

Running the installer will give you an 'uninstall option' on the menu page.

Install FileMaker Server on the ‘New’ Server
Please get in touch with our support team who will advise which version of FileMaker Server you require (depending on your operating system).

Uploading Streamtime

The upload is managed by the FileMaker client software, FileMaker Pro. From a version of FileMaker Pro 13 or 14 installed on your network:

Select File > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server...

Select your server and the Streamtime.fmp12 and Printforms.fmp12 files to upload.

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