There are many ways to do a search or find in Streamtime. Whether simply using the find button in a detailed view and searching by any field that is active in that view or by doing a find in a list view, which can enable you to do a more thorough or complex search.

In the document below we cover searching by more than one criteria, adding to the found set, searching within the found set, searching by a date range, using symbols like the =, < or > signs and utilising the omitted button.

Find using the Detail View

You can search for information in the Detail View of Streamtime. This applies to Contacts, Quotes, Orders, Jobs and Invoices.

In any of the Detail Views, click the Find icon and use the drop down menu (if available) or type the information your searching for in any of the fields that feature a magnifying glass icon.

 Once you have entered in your criteria click Enter.

Streamtime will find the matching records and the results are displayed.

You can click through the results using the forward/back arrows (1), or view them as a list by clicking List Companies (2)

Find using the List View

In a List View you have two options, a quick search option (1) or an advanced search (2)

In the example above we want to find all the companies in Streamtime that are specifically printers.

 In order to search my whole Contacts list I'll need to click Show All first.

Note: If you don't click Show All then the quick search function will only search the records that are currently in the list view.

Once all the companies are showing we can type printer into the quick search function and click enter.

And all the companies with the sort value 'printer' have been returned.

To do an advanced search click on the Advanced Search tab.

From this search we can search by any of the fields that have a magnifying glass icon .

In the example above we're searching for all clients (1) with an address in London (2).

 Once you have the criteria set, click the Search button.

Using the Add Search Criteria button

You can use the Add Search Criteria button in an Advanced Search to create more than one row of search criteria.

In this example we want to find jobs for 2 clients that are active. To do this we fill in the first client's details in the Client field and check the Active box, then we click the Add Search Criteria button, to create the second search fields and we can now select a second client for our search.

By selecting the Add Search Criteria button (1) each time, you can add to your search criteria.

Once you have all the criteria you need to search by, click the Search button (2):

This has returned all active jobs in Streamtime for our two clients.

Advanced Search continued

Another way to search in the Advanced Search, is to use the additional search options Search Within Found Results and Add to Found Results.

In this example we will do a New Search in the Contacts tab for all companies associated with the Great Britain branch:

Add to Found Set

Now if we wish to add to this all the companies associated with the European branch we click the Advanced Search tab again.

Check the Add to Found Results option (1), and then select our new branch and click Search:

This has now added a list of companies that belong to the European branch to our list of companies that belong to our Great Britain branch.

Search within Found Set

Now we have a list of contacts that are associated with both the Great Britain and European branches.

 If we wish to narrow this down to just suppliers within these two branches we'd once again select the Advanced Search tab:

This time we're using the Search Within Found Results option (1), we select our type as Supplier and click Search:

We now have a list of suppliers that are associated with our Great Britain and European branches.

Searching by Date Range

In Streamtime you can also search by a date range in any of the fields that have dates. To search by a date range you must use the full date DD/MM/YYYY and put two full stops .. between the two dates e.g. 01/05/2013..31/05/2013.

The equals (=) sign can be used in a search and be particularly useful when searching for Tasks. If for example you wish to see all tasks that have NOT been completed you can simply put an equals (=) sign in the completed date column and Streamtime will search for all tasks that do not have a completed date:

The equals (=) sign is asking Streamtime to find all records that do not have nay information in that field.

You can also use the < or > in a search. In this example we are looking for tasks that haven't been completed (1) = sign in the completed column, and have less than 5 hours time available (2) < 5 in the time available column, then click Search:

This will return all Tasks that do not have a completed date (1) and any tasks that have less than 5 hours remaining (2).

Above is a list of other symbols you can use in Streamtime to create customised searches.

Using the Omitted button

And the final tool you can use for your search is using the Omitted button. In this example we want to find all jobs in the system except those with a completed status.

 To do this we search by the Job Status Completed:

Once the results have been returned if we click the Omitted button:

It will return all Jobs except those with a Job Status of Completed.

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