Adding expenses and purchase orders to a job is important so you can see the true overall costs on a job and compare it to what was invoiced to the client.

Expenses are things like travel, in-house printing, couriers, lunches and gifts for clients; you know the smaller items that don't necessarily require raising a purchase order, but are still essential to capture.

Where as purchase orders tend to be items you order from third party suppliers, like printing, photography, hair and makeup, equipment hire etc.

In this article we're going to cover how to add expenses to a job. We have a separate article on adding purchase orders to a job.

Create expense items in your Cost Matrix

If you don't have these already you should start by adding all the items you usually expense to your Cost Matrix by going to Setup > Cost Matrix and clicking the New Item button.

Note: There is no need to fill in any price details for these items in your cost matrix unless of course you already know how much each item costs.

Make sure that all 'expense' items are set to Quantity Based.

If you wish to 'mark up' the items you can also set a default mark up.

For more information on how to set up items in your Cost Matrix click here

Adding expenses to a Job via Streamtime Web

Select the + symbol on the top right corner.

Choose the job by scrolling through the list of Active Jobs, or search by entering part of the job name or number.

To add a cost to a job, choose Add Materials and select the item from the list.

Add any notes, enter the quantity and the cost rate and save.

These costs are now added to the job and will also appear in your timesheet for the day.

Note: If you need back-date entries, just select the required date from the calendar when adding the material.

Adding expenses to a Job via the Me screen

To add an expense to a Job in Streamtime Classic go to Me > Add Time or Materials button.

Select a Job number to put the expenses on from the All Active list.

Select the Materials tab

1. Select the item from the drop down list - Note: this will only show Quantity based items from your Cost Matrix

2. Select the quantity of items

3. Add in the cost of the item/s

4. Is this a Billable Entry

5. Put a note referring to what this item was for

6. Click Add Material

Adding expenses to a Job via Jobs

Another way to add expenses to a Job in Streamtime Classic is to go to Jobs screen and click Find to find the Job you wish to add the expenses to.

Once you have the correct Job click on the Cost tab then click Add Time or Material button

1. Select the Category

2. Select the Description

3. Select the quantity i.e. how many items

4. Select the date you'd like to put the expense to

5. Decide if the item is billable/non-billable

6. Put a note referring to what this item was for

7. Put the price of the item in the rate column - this is what it cost you

8. In the Sell Rate column you can put the amount you wish to charge your client

9. Click Save

Note: If you're entering expenses on behalf of someone else you can also change the Staff Member's name in this window (10)

It doesn't matter if you use option 1 or 2 to add your expenses, if you click on the Costs tab of the job you will see the expenses listed there.

You will also see them by going to Jobs > Quotes & Invoices. This screen gives you a nice indication on how you're job is tracking in terms of profitability.

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