Please make sure to go through the configuration as outlined in the Exact Online Integration Setup article before trying to export invoices.

Purchase Order Status
Your purchase orders will typically have different statuses throughout the workflow. They will usually start of as a price request or tender and later they are turned into an actual purchase order. When exporting purchase order data to Exact Online, we will assume that you have already received your supplier's invoice for the delivered goods. Therefor it is advisable to have a specific status indicating you have received the invoice to specify which orders are ready for export to Exact Online. You must complete the support invoice details before the export will go through.

Exporting Purchase Invoices:
To export your purchase invoices to Exact Online, go to Orders > List Orders. When you have found the batch of orders you wish to export, you just press the "Export" button. Then press "Yes" when asked to confirm. A popup dialog will appear asking you to confirm your Exact Online password.

Type in your password and press OK. An export log will show you the export status for each order:

After the export, Streamtime will prompt you to set the exported orders to "Exported".

If any problems were encountered while exporting orders to Exact Online, please refer to the Knowledge Base article about the error messages.

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