Error: GLTransaction - Topic [GLTransactions] Unknown: Financial year (Period-date table)
No financial year exists in Exact Online for the period you are exporting data for. Please check the Master Data > Period-date Table and make sure this financial year exists.

Error: GLTransaction - Topic [GLTransactions] Already exists - Entry number: invoice number, Journal: 700

This invoice/order was already exported to Exact Online.

Error: GLTransaction - Topic [GLTransactions] Invalid: Customer (Type)
The company exists in Exact Online but is not set to customer. Please check the company details and verify that they are set as a customer.

Error: GLTransaction - Topic [GLTransactions] Mandatory: Account
The customer or supplier GL account you have specified in Streamtime's setup for Exact Online does not match with an existing account in Exact Online.

Order #10594... No supplier invoice number

Please fill in the supplier's invoice number in the order details.

Error: GLTransaction - Topic [GLTransactions] Not found: Account (client name) - G/L Account: Sales

The sales code in the cost matrix for one of the lines in the invoice is empty. Please make sure all cost matrix items have corresponding codes for both sales and expenses.

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