The terms of usage for Streamtime Classic are changing on 30th March 2021. To continue to use and access Streamtime Classic you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

You can watch the video above to learn more about how you will be affected and how Streamtime Classic can be accessed in future. But for the TL;DR version, the main points are:

  • Guaranteed price freeze until 30th March 2022.

  • Streamtime will upgrade the connection for Xero customers to allow for mandatory 2 factor authentication in some countries.

  • All support can be accessed by emailing

  • Technical support will no longer be handled directly by Streamtime. Support partners (Digital Fusion in Australia and New Zealand, wayahead in UK, Ireland and Europe) will provide technical support directly to you on a fee per support request basis.

  • All hosting will be managed by Digital Fusion on Amazon Web Services Servers. If you are currently on a Streamtime managed server you will be automatically moved across to the new AWS server. A hosting fee will be included on your Streamtime invoice.

  • We recommend (where possible) that all customers operate on FileMaker Pro 19. However, IT IS BEST TO SEEK ADVICE AND SUPPORT FROM OUR SUPPORT PARTNERS BEFORE ACTIONING THIS. This will limit technical issues and save on support fees.

  • You will continue to pay Streamtime directly for your usage of the Streamtime licences and access to the product and code base. Any billing enquiries relating to your plan and hosting fee will be handled directly by Streamtime.

  • You will have a support account with our support partners for technical help and requests. A valid credit card will need to be loaded in that account for you to receive support.

Ultimately, this isn't business as usual for Streamtime Classic. But, it is a solution for our loyal customers who have sworn by Streamtime Classic for many years and believe another product just won't cut it. Thanks for your loyalty and we hope that this can help make life a little less difficult.

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