Shows a break down of task progress on jobs including estimated costs against actual costs so far.

To access this report go to Reports > Job Performance and select the Tasks by Job report.

Report Filters

You can run this report using the following criteria:

Date Range


Job Status

Active Jobs

Job Number

Project Number


How to view your report

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to Excel so you can use the data to create your own reports.

Report Overview

This report is sorted by job number and then tasks within those jobs.

Estimated Time

Estimated Time comes from tasks assigned to the job via the Notes & Tasks tab.

Estimate Cost

Estimated Cost takes the number of estimated hours on the task and multiplies that by the estimated cost of that task,

this is taken from the cost column in the cost matrix.

Time Used

Time Used comes from the time entries entered against tasks on the job.

Note: If a staff member enters time against an item that is not a task on the job this will not be included in the time used column.

Actual Cost

Actual Cost is the cost of time recorded against each task.

The cost is based first on the cost assigned to the staff member entering in the time on the job. This can be set under the Setup > System Setup > Users section in Streamtime.

Or if you do not apply a cost to a staff member, the cost will come from cost price for the task which can be set in the Cost Matrix.

Time Available

Time Available is Estimated Time (1) less Time Used (2).

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