This article steps through how to restore a previous backup of your entire Streamtime system.

Log Into Admin Console

Find out where your Streamtime is being hosted, this could be either a server or just a computer on your network.

Once you know what computer is being used you then need to find the FileMaker server Admin Console. This is usually found on the Desktop and may be in the form of either an Internet page or the above .webloc page.

If you cannot find either one of these icons there are other ways to get into the admin Console

1. Open a web page and type in http://Localhost:16001

2. Is to Type in the server IP address, adding :16001 to the end of the IP address. For example: http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:16001.

This will then load the Admin Console.

Copy Backup Files to Desktop

Macintosh HD > Library > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups

C:\ Drive > Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups

Remove Current Files

Once you have found your backup files:

  1. Go to the admin console 'Databases' tab.

  2. Highlight both the Streamtime.fmp12 and Printforms.fmp12 files

  3. Select "Close" from the dropdown. Once the status shows "Closed"

  4. Select 'Remove' from the drop down

  5. The current database files will be moved to a folder on the server named 'removed by FMS'.

Upload Databases

To Upload the Database you will need to open up Filemaker Pro 13 or 14. Then go to File > Sharing > Upload Databases

Select the 'Upload Databases' button in the admin console and follow the steps to upload the new database files. You need to remember to place your files within the same folder in order for the Streamtime and the Printforms files to work correctly.

'Normal' Databases

The databases should be automatically opened and display a status of 'Normal'.

From a client machine, open FileMaker Pro and select File > Open Remote then the server and the Streamtime file to access your restored Streamtime database.

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