Issue: You want to add time against a job in your Streamtime Me Tab using the Add Time button, but you notice that when you click on "What type of work did you do?" no tasks are listed even though you have a lot of Cost Matrix items already setup in Streamtime.

Here's why.. 

If your company has a large Cost Matrix and only a very small amount of it relates to your job function, Streamtime allows you to cut the list down to only tasks that relate to your specific role or Department. A Department is assigned for each Staff member, and each Cost Matrix item can be selected to appear on individual Department Task drop down lists.

When adding Time or Materials, there are items missing from the drop down list.

You've clicked Add time in the Me Tab, but there's nothing to choose in the Time or Materials Drop down list, or perhaps there's an item missing that you'd expect to see.

Setup Tab - Departments

Each Staff member is assigned to a Department in the Setup > System Setup > Users tab. You may need the Administrators Password to see these settings.

Me Tab - My Settings

You can see which Department you're assigned to in your Me Tab > My Settings. In this example, Tim is a member of the Design Department.

Cost Matrix - Detailed View - Department Assignment

In the Cost Matrix > Detail View, each Cost Matrix item is assigned to "Show in Tasks", meaning it will appear as a Menu Choice in the Job & Time Entry task lists. 

In addition, a Departments Check Box allows this Cost Matrix item to be assigned to members of multiple Departments.

In the above example, only members of the Design Department will see "Audio Production" as a menu choice when adding Time and Materials.

Me Tab - Add Time and Materials

All of these items appear because they are assigned to this Staff members Department in the Cost Matrix.

NOTE: This does not affect menu choices in Job Quoting or Job Invoicing. All Cost Matrix items are available in the Category and Description menus, regardless of the Department you are assigned.

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