Streamtime is host to a large number of reports, pulling detail from throughout the application. Reports can be generated from the reports tab, a job overview, list views, and print forms throughout the system.

Reports tab

The reports tab presents a list of areas (1), each containing reports on an area of the system.

When running a report you’ll need to:

• Select an area (1)

• Select a report (2)

• Choose how you wish to filter your report (3)

Any of the criteria that is highlighted can be used to create your report. Different reports will allow you to use diffferent criteria.

• Select how you would like to view the report (4)

Note: Reports in Streamtime can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export button in Step 4. This allows you to use the data to create your own reports.


If you find you run the same reports over and over again, simply click the heart next to the report (1).

This will now appear in your favourites list (2).

Job Overview

Reports can also be run in the Overview tab of a Job.

If you assign tasks to your staff, by going to the Overview tab, you can see the total amount of time estimated vs how much time has been recorded and how much is remaining (1).

You will also see a breakdown of those tasks by category, with a total number of estimated time per category vs the amount of time used per category (2).

Job Overview - Financial View

By going to Overview tab on a job and clicking the financial report icon (1) - this show:

Variance of Quote to Time & Orders: Quoted amount less the sell rate of Time + Orders

Variance of Invoice to Quotation: Invoiced amount less Quoted amount

Variance of Invoiced to Time & Orders: Invoiced amount less the sell rate of Time + Orders

Note: The Time and Orders figures are in the sell rate (value).

Jobs - Job Cost Report

From the Job Overview screen you can also run a Job Cost Report (JCR).

Jobs - Quotes & Invoices

By going to the Quotes & Invoices tab within a Job, you can get a financial summary of the job:

A. Is the cost of Time and Materials

B. Cost of Related Orders

C. Total amount Invoiced

Gross Margin is also shown C-A+B (Invoiced less Time & Material Costs + Related Order Costs)

Gross Profit C-B (Invoiced less Related Order Costs)

List Views

Throughout Streamtime there are List Views allowing a user to view contact, quote, job, order and invoice data in a list. The List Views often also include ‘Total’ buttons allowing a user to review a summary of the financial detail within the list. Lists can be printed and often have a couple of layout options including a standard list and detail views, so again these can be used for reporting purposes.

Jobs - Financial Overview

A good example of a report in a list view is the financial report found in a Jobs List.

By going to Jobs > Jobs List and clicking the financial report icon, this will return a financial report on the jobs listed showing Job No, Job Name, Client, Quoted Amount, Costs on the Job, Sell Value, Invoiced Amount and Gross Margin and Gross Profit.

With this report you can:

1. Show All Active or My Active Jobs

2. Do an advanced search to look for a particular set of jobs e.g. by client, date created, job status etc.

3. Print the report

4. Export the data to excel to create your own report with the data

Quotes List

You can also use statuses to create a report. In the example we searched for all quotes with a status 'Quote with Client'.

By clicking the print button (1),

You can print a report to see which quotes are still with client and how much those quotes are worth.

Whenever you see the Print Button in Streamtime, there will be print forms available based on the screen you are viewing. In some areas of the system these prints forms can act as reports.

For example in the Jobs tab, if you're in the Job List and you click the Print button there will be a choice of Work in Progress (WIP) reports you can run.

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