Adding expenses and purchase orders to a job is important so you can see the true overall costs on a job and compare it to what was invoiced to the client.

Purchase orders tend to be items you order from third party suppliers, like printing, photography, hair and makeup, equipment hire etc.

Where as expenses are things like travel, in-house printing, couriers, lunches and gifts for clients; you know, the smaller items that don't necessarily require raising a purchase order, but are still essential to capture.

In this article we're going to cover how to add purchase orders to a job. We have a separate article on adding expenses to a job.

Create Purchase Order items in your Cost Matrix

If you don't have these already, start by adding all the items you usually create Purchase Orders for to your Cost Matrix by going to Setup > Cost Matrix and clicking the New Item button

Note: There is no need to fill in any price details for these items in your Cost Matrix unless of course you already know how much each item costs

In most instances your Purchase Order items will need to be set to Quantity Based, unless of course you're doing a Purchase for a contractor that charges you by the hour, in which case you would set this to Time Based

If you wish to 'mark up' the items you can also set a default mark up

For more information on how to set up items in your Cost Matrix click here

Adding Purchase Orders to a Job

If you wish to add a Purchase Order to a job go to the Jobs tab and click Find to find the Job you wish to add the PO to. Once you have the correct Job click on Costs tab

Click the New Order button

This will jump you to the Orders tab. Select the supplier the order is for

Note: your suppliers must be setup in your Contacts tab and the type must be set to Supplier or Client & Supplier

Then select:
1. The Category

2. The Task/Material

3. Type in the detailed description of the item in the Details column

4. Add the amount of items you ordered in the Quantity column

5. Add the cost to you/your business for item/s in the Cost column

6. Add the rate you wish to charge your client in the Sell column

Note: That if there is a mark up associated with this item the sell column will automatically populate. If you wish to change the marked up rate you can, by clicking in the Markup column and creating a new rate.

As long as the PO has an Order Status that is active then the expense will be recorded against the job.

For more information on how Active statuses work in Streamtime click here

Again this will show up in the Jobs > Quotes & Invoices and will be included as a cost/expense on your Job.

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