Best practice in Streamtime is to mark your Tasks as 'Complete' once they have been finished. This is a really simple process that you can do as you're entering your Timesheets, or even against a list of Tasks.

How can I complete and un-complete Tasks?

Completing a Task in Streamtime Web

Sometimes you will need to 'tidy up' your Task List and mark multiple Tasks as complete. To do so please follow the below instructions.

Visit Jobs > Task List > Advanced Search

Here you can search for the Tasks you want to mark as Complete. You can search by Date Range, Tasks belonging to Jobs with a certain Status (which we've done above). We recommend that you always look for Tasks that have not been marked as Complete yet by simply adding a = into the Completed Date field.

Once you have the list of Tasks that you want to mark as Complete you'll just need to use the Filemaker Pro menu to select Tasks > Complete All Tasks in Found Set.

After confirming that you want to Mark the Tasks as Complete,

they will all appear with Today's Date in the Completed field.

By marking Tasks as Complete you'll be able to work from your own personal To Do list and only see relevant, current and upcoming work to do, not things that have been completed.

We highly recommend that Tasks are marked as Complete regularly to ensure maximum optimisation of your Streamtime. Have a look at our article Best Practices - Optimisation of Streamtime database for more.

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