Sometimes when you create a PDF of an Invoice the word COPY appears in the top right of your PDF.

This happens because that Invoice is marked as Locked in Streamtime.

Invoices should be Locked after they have been sent to your customers to ensure that no further changes have been made after you've sent an Invoice to your customer.

If you need to get an Invoice to a customer again, without COPY in the top right of your PDF, you need to Unlock the Invoice.

You do this by pressing the Padlock in the top right. Please note that you will need your admin password to unlock the Invoice.

For more info on Locking and Unlocking Invoices please see here.

It is best practice to Lock Invoices once they're sent and jobs when they have been completed. Streamtime actually prompts this action each time you send an Invoice.

If a Job is complete we highly recommend that you press Lock Job in the above window after sending the final Invoice.

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