In Streamtime Classic you can create media orders to keep track of the cost of buying media for your jobs.

These orders can be sent to the supplier as Insertion Instructions with all details of the media that you're purchasing.


First, you'll need to set up some items in your Cost Matrix to represent the media being Purchased.

You do this by visiting Setup >> Cost Matrix >>New Item.

Remember to set each item as a Quantity based item and set a default markup.


When tracking your Expenses in Streamtime Classic through the Orders area you will need to set up your Supplier in the Contacts area of Streamtime.

You do this by visiting Contacts >> Companies >> New Company.

Remember to change the relationship Type to Supplier and enter the correct contact details against the company and people.

Creating the media order

Media Orders are created against Jobs by visiting the Costs part of a Job and using the New Order button.

You can also visit Orders >> New Order if you'd like to create a stand alone media order.

It is very important that you select Media on your new order.

From here you can populate the details you normally would when creating a Purchase Order or Request for Quote.

You'll notice that there are a few additional fields directly related to Media Orders such as the Insertion, date, a Key number, Size, Despatch and a field for the Commission percentage.

To send your Media Order to your Supplier you need to select the Insertion Instructions from your Print Centre.

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