The Currency Accuracy in your Streamtime will affect the rates that appear on Quotes and Invoices if you are transferring from a Purchase Order.

Currency accuracy in Streamtime can be set to 2, 3 or 7 decimal places, and these settings can be altered in the Setup >> System Setup >> Currency and Tax tab.

With Currency Accuracy set to 7 decimals Streamtime will allow quantities or amounts such as 1.001001

When the Currency Accuracy is set to 2 decimal places, Streamtime will round all time, quantities and currency amounts up or down accordingly.

All previously entered amounts will remain unchanged - unless edited.

Items transferred from purchase orders to quotes and invoices will round up or down if the line items contain un-rounded amounts.

For example, with the Currency Accuracy Set to 7 decimals, if a Purchase Order contains a quantity of 999 and a Cost of $1000, Streamtime will round the unit cost rate to 1.001001, making the total cost $1000 when transferred into a Quote or Invoice.

With the currency accuracy set to 2, Streamtime will round the unit cost rate down to 1.00, resulting in a total cost of $999.

The solution is to adjust the quantity in the Quote to 1, and set cost rate = $1000.

We recommend setting the Currency Accuracy to 2 if you are integrating with Xero or any other account package, and 7 otherwise.

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