We can use items created in our Cost Matrix to quickly make Pre-Formatted headings on your Quotes. It's also possible to indent line items so Quote information is easier to see and has more impact.

Create a Pre-Formatted Cost Matrix item to use for Quote headings

  1. Go to Setup > Cost Matrix

  2. Create a new Cost Matrix item by Clicking the 'New Item' button (right hand side menu)

  3. Create Category called Heading (for example)

  4. Create a Description called Heading

  5. Select and highlight the Description 'Heading" Text

  6. Right Click and Change the Style, Text Color etc. to pre-format the line item

Once the item has been created, go to its Detail View and de-select "Show in tasks" and any "Departments". This prevents this item showing in Tasks drop down lists and the Me Tab. It will only appear on Job Quoting and Invoicing.

Create and add the Headings to your Quotes

Now simply type the Heading information into each line item. Make sure the line items are entered with a Quantity of 1 and Quote rate of 0 so they will not display a dollar amount on the Quote.

If you regularly use specific headings, these could be individually created in the Cost Matrix to save re-typing them each time by repeating the steps above.

Tip: To indent (Tab) text, use 'option' Tab (Mac) or 'ctrl' Tab (PC) to indent the Quote Details line items.

Note: Some account packages may reject invoice line items if they don't contain both a quantity and invoice rate. If you plan on invoicing a quote by transfering the quote to the invoice, make sure this information is contained in the quote before importing it. Entering a Quote quantity of 1 and Quote Rate of 0 will suffice (see example above).

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