There are several ways you can show different options when sending a Quote to your client.

Quote numbers as a Sequence

If you're doing different elements that are part of a campaign then you could create separate Quotes for each element. In the example above, we have created Quotes for T-Shirts, Caps and Posters and used the sequence method for the Quote numbers.

To use the Sequence method, just click New Quote > Sequence when creating each new Quote.

Or if you're duplicating the Quotes you can also select the Sequence option there.

Using different Print Forms

If however you just have different options, for example printing different quantities, then you could use our Supplier Estimate or our Artwork and Printing Quotes to send to the different options to your Client.

In order to use either of these Print forms you will need to have created Request for Tenders or Purchase Orders in Streamtime and associated those with your Quote. For more information on how to create a these click here.

Tip: if you do not want your Supplier's names to appear on these quotes then use the edit icon next to the Supplier's name.

Supplier Estimate

If you choose the Supplier Estimate print form in the Print Centre, then your client will see the different options based on the Request for Tenders or Orders you've linked to the Quote.

Note: The client will only see the marked up prices not the costs.

Artwork & Printing Quote

If you select the Artwork & Printing Quote in the Print Centre, any items that are already included in your Quote (this is usually all your internal costs) will appear under Artwork (1) and will be totalled (2). Then the other components that are still in a Tender stage will appear below outlining the different options (3).

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