There may be times when you need to present a simple Quote or Invoice to your Client, but you want to put lots of detail in your Quote to a) give you an accurate estimate of the time involved, and b) save time later by importing the tasks directly from the Quote into the Job's Estimated Tasks, ready to assign to your team.

In Streamtime, we can do this using the Order grouping letters on our Quotes and Invoices. In this example, we'll show you how to create a Quote, but exactly the same principle applies when creating an Invoice.

Preparing the Quote 

Each Line item in a Quote receives an Order letter; this letter is used to sort line items alphabetically, but it's also used to Group and Hide line items in Quotes and Invoices.

Let's say you have four items but you want to group them altogether as one item with one sub-total. If you make the Order letters the same for all those items, the last item you enter on the Quote is what will be displayed on the Quote print form.

The line item Quote Detail at the bottom of each Group will be the only information displayed and this can be customized; we've decided to create separate headings so we can clearly show our client what each sub-total applies to i.e Brochure & Microsite.

How the Quote PDF now looks

With Group items summarized and totaled, we can now present this simple Quote to the Client, but we have a detailed Quote in Streamtime so the estimated hours can be used to create multiple Tasks for the team.

Tip: The line item that appears at the bottom of the Group is determined by the order they were added to the quote. If you want to move an existing line item to the bottom of the Group, simply duplicate it (using the Copy icon) and then delete the original. The Duplicate item will now be at the bottom of the Group.

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