In Streamtime you have the ability to lock your Jobs, Quotes, Orders and Invoices so that staff members can't make changes. To do this you just click on the padlocks in the relevant tabs to lock them. These records need to be Unlocked before any changes can be made.

For information on Unlocking records please see the following article - Unlocking Jobs, Quotes, Orders and Invoices in Streamtime.

If you are hoping to make changes to your Cost Matrix you will only be able to delete items if the Quotes, Jobs, Orders or Invoices they are being used in are Locked. Here we will show you how to Lock, or Unlock, a large list of Jobs, Quotes, Orders or Invoices. It is helpful to note that if you Lock a list of Jobs, all related Quotes, Orders and Invoices will also be Locked.

First, find the list of Jobs/Quotes/Orders/Invoices that you need to Lock.

If you need to Search by a Date Range you will need to Press the Advanced Search option and type your dates into the Created or Date Due fields.

Please note that you can filter this list however you need, by Status, by Manager, by Date Ranges, by Client etc.

Once you have the Jobs you need to Lock in a list, hover your cursor above a Padlock against any of the Jobs to see the following message "Hold down Option and click to Lock all Jobs in the Found Set."

You will be asked to confirm this action.

If any of the Jobs in the list are still Active you will need to select an Inactive Job Status before you press Continue.

You'll now see that all Jobs in your list are Locked and will have the Inactive Status that you've selected.

If you need to Unlock a number of records, like Invoices that might need to be updated with a new Status, you will just need to follow the same process.

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