This report shows a detailed breakdown of the time and materials staff have generated including hours, quantity, cost and potential sell value. The report is sorted by staff member then CAT (category) Description.

To access this report go to Live Reporting > Time and select the Time and Materials by Staff report.

You can run this report using the following criteria:
 Date Range
 Client Supp Name (Client or Supplier name)
 Job No
 Project No
 CAT (category)
 Staff Name
 Client Manager

You can choose to Preview your report, Print it, Make a PDF or export your report to Excel so you can use the data to create your own reports

This report shows Time & Materials used for each staff member. It is sorted first by staff member's ID code, then by the Category from the Cost Matrix followed by Cost Matrix description.

The Cost value is based first on the Cost assigned to the staff member under the Administration > Users section, or if this is left blank, the buy price for the Cost Matrix item in the Cost Matrix (see 1 in image below)

The Sell value is based on the Pricing Tier in the Cost Matrix appropriate for the client the task was performed for (see 2 in image below). The Cost and Sell values are saved to the Time & Materials entry at the time the Time & Material is created 

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