A project in Streamtime is essentially a grouping function that allows you to group a series of jobs and/or quotes together for reporting purposes. This is done via a project number, and this number gets assigned to any jobs or quotes that you wish to be part of the overall project.

Most jobs in Streamtime will be handled without ever getting assigned to a project. You only need to use projects if you think it will have an added (reporting) value. In all other cases, you can skip this.

Projects are particularly handy to group retainer jobs or to group multiple jobs that are part of the same campaign.

Note that you can not invoice all jobs in one project automatically. So you may need to think about how to handle invoicing before you start. For campaigns, the best practice is to have a master job with all quotes and invoices for the entire project. Next each individual item is handled in a separate job.

How to create a project number

To create a project number go to Jobs > Project List and click the New Project button

Naming your project

Streamtime will create a new project number and you can then name that project and assign a project manager.

By clicking the arrow next to the project number this will give you a detailed view of the project.

Project - Detailed View

You can add notes about the project (1) and also see all jobs related to that project (2).

You can also view related quotes.


By going to the Advanced Search option in the Jobs tab you can search by project number.

Jobs tab

This will return a list of all jobs that have been assigned this project number allowing your to create a work in progress report from the Production View or a financial report from the Financial View.

Reports tab

In our reports tab, a lot of allow reports allow you to filter by project number. This allows you to pull reports just for a particular project.

Managing Projects in Streamtime

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