Error Code -6 Item Number may not be blank

Solution: Accounts code missing on exported invoice. Reason is commonly that the item in the Cost Matrix has been altered after the quote was created. Changes in the Cost Matrix do not filter through into current invoices. There will be a red line through the item on the invoice. To resolve, re-associate the line item to the updated Cost Matrix item.

Error Code -15 Account number not found in list of postable accounts

Solution: The sales or expense code stored against one of the items loaded on an invoice or purchase order in Streamtime does not exist in MYOB or is incorrect. Use the invoice number from the problem line in the MYOB log file to locate the invoice with the problem in Streamtime. Locate the corresponding category and description in Streamtimes Cost Matrix and check its sales and expense codes are correct.

Error -27 A non-zero amount requires an account

Solution: A sales or expense code has been found in MYOB but the line exported from Streamtime has a zero dollar amount against it. The most common cause of this is no category and description selected on an invoice line in Streamtime. Ensure the category and description exist for the each invoice line in the problem invoice.

Error -66 Customer Card not found

Solution: Customer's record has not been created in MYOB first before an import has been attempted. Check spelling, ABC Limited is a different company to ABC Ltd. Ensure both MYOB and Streamtime's customer name match exactly.

Warning -85 Job not found in list of detail jobs; job ignored

Solution: The job number exported out of Streamtime along with the invoice has not been created in MYOB first. As this is only a warning it can be ignored as the invoice will still import. Alternatively the job number will need to be created in MYOB first before the import occurs. Note; this will require deletion of the imported invoice in MYOB before this can be attempted again.

Error -90 Ex-Tax Amount and Inc-Tax Amount are Invalid or blank

Caused when a particular invoice line item has blank values. MYOB will not accept the tax amount being blank. Removing this line item (there are no values in it so it will not change the totals) will allow the data to import. If it is vital that the line item stay in Streamtime, removing it from the actual export file will allow for Streamtime to be unchanged and MYOB to accept the data.

Error -107 The Tax Code is invalid

A tax code that does not exist in MYOB has been set against the customer that the invoice / purchase order is for.

Check the customers company in Streamtime's contacts center and sure the tax code matches the codes MYOB supports. To update the effected invoice the Invoice To: field will need to be reselected to bring the new tax code through to the invoice.

Error -183 Duplicate Invoice Number

Solution: The effected invoice has been import previously. Delete the effected invoice out of MYOB and re-import from Streamtime.

Error -190 Customer not found. Sale invoice not imported

Solution: Customer does not exist in MYOB. Matching of imported records in MYOB relies on the Co./Last Name being the same in both packages. Ensure the customer record is created in MYOB then re try the import. Names must be exactly the same.

Changes made to company contacts in Streamtime do not automatically filter through to invoices already in the system. Check the file exported from Streamtime and confirm that the Co./Last Name matches MYOB. If not, re associate the client on the particular invoice.

Companies that are both a Client & Supplier in Streamtime may also trigger this error. Creating two instances of the contact, once as a Client and once as a supplier in both Streamtime and MYOB is the best resolution. NB: The name of the two instances need to be unique.

Error -235 Co./Last Name may not be blank. Sale invoice not imported.

Solution: An invoice has been exported out of Streamtime without a valid customer selected. Check the effected invoice and try again.

Certain characters within client names may prompt errors. Characters such as " " < > ! = should be avoided.
 There may be a return character in the actual client name meaning a second (hidden) line in the field. Check by selecting the field and using the down arrow.

Error -236 Co./Last Name may not be blank. Purchase order not imported.

Solution: Same as error -235 except for a purchase order.

Error -242 More than one customer found. Sale invoice not imported.

Solution: Duplicate customer in MYOB. Confirm that there isn't a client with the same name and same 'type' present. NB - A client name can be present twice, as long as one is a Customer and the other is a Supplier.

Error -264 Co./Last Name may not be blank. Card not imported/updated.

Same as error -235.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and contains just the most common errors and warnings. MYOB also has information on their Support Site. This document lists the limitations/descriptions of each field that is imported into MYOB Service Sales - Field Descriptions

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