This report reviews staff performance on tasks assigned to them. It shows total estimated hours per task, total hours worked per task and how many hours were over budget per task.

Note: This report is based on Tasks.

To access this report go to Reports > Staff Performance and select Estimated Task Time vs Total Timesheet Entries.

You can run this report using the following filters:

Date Range

Client/Supplier name

Job Number

Project Number




Staff Name

Note: If you enter a date range the report will search for Tasks that have a start date or due date within that date range. All time on those tasks, whether it was in the date range or not will show on the report.

Staff Name

The report is first sorted by Staff Member

Note: This is the staff member that has been assigned the Task

Tasks are assigned in Jobs > Notes & Tasks

For more information about assigning tasks click here

If no staff member is assigned to the task, then this report will let you know.

If you assign more than one person to a task, then Streamtime will show one person's name only and let you know that there are other staff assigned to this task

If you wish to report on staff as individuals, it's recommended that you assign individual tasks.

For more information on splitting tasks click here


This column shows the name of the Task, that's been allocated to the staff member, and is sorted by job.

Reminder: If you used a date range it will only pull through tasks that have a start and due date in that range.

Estimated Hours

Estimated Hours looks at the hours estimated by task & by job and sorts it by the staff member that the task has been assigned to.

Hours Spent

Hours Spent shows the total time recorded so far on each particular task (within the date range), so if you add time within the date range but against a task that is not in the date range, then that time won't show in this report.

Reminder: This will show ALL time recorded so far on each task regardless if it was the person the task was assigned to or someone else adding time to that task.

For example Tim has been assigned a Design task on job 2278 and has been given 10 hours for that task. He's recorded 2 hours against this task and Jo has recorded 1.25 hours, in this report the total time of 3.25 hours will show against Tim's name.

Overrun Hours

Overrun Hours is the number of hours the task has overrun by.

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