Streamtime Web is the BFF of Streamtime Classic. It allows you to access your Streamtime information from a browser on any device.

Its focus is to be able to create entries quickly on the fly with no hassles. In Streamtime Web you will find your Timesheets, Contacts, Quotes, and Jobs.


Your Jobs Screen shows you the list of all jobs within your system which you can sort and view however you wish. There is a bunch of present sort functions in the drop down menu, or if you want to be more specific, you can click on the refine tool along side and drill down even further.

When you have clicked into a job, it will show you the big picture of how the job is going. It shows you all the job detail up top, an overview of the entire job just below, as well as your job plan below that.

You can drill into each item and see who it has been assigned to, as well how much time any user has entered. It will also add to this any unscheduled time, so no digging around to find who has put time and where.


The quotes section again allows you to see your list of quotes within the system. It also lets you sort and refine this list however you want.

From this list view you can create new quotes, or drill into an existing quote and see the information.

Once inside the Quote, you can see all the detail that you have entered. You can add to these items and even send off a PDF quote from this screen.


The Contacts section allows you to see all companies that are in Streamtime Classic. You can create them quickly, as well as drill into their details to get an address or find a customer or supplier's number nice and quickly.

If you are on your phone you can even press on the number to call them.


Time tracking has never been easier within Streamtime Web. Similar to the Me screen in Streamtime Classic, this view allows you to see all tasks that are assigned to you and easily click to add time. Clicking on the plus lets you add in a bulk time, or if you like to be accurate, then you can hit the timer. Once you have stopped the timer it will automatically add the time onto your timesheet.

This view also allows you to see all of your time easily, as well as go back in time to add any days you may have missed.

If you have have any another queries about Streamtime Web or would like Streamtime Web set up, then shoot us an email and we would be happy to help.

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