In Streamtime it is possible to do a search for a list of companies or people and export the information out of Streamtime to create a mail out etc. This article outlines how to export a list of people/contacts based on a company search.

Step 1 - Housekeeping

In order to create a company list with contact names first we need to do a bit of house keeping to ensure we don't have any old searches in our export.

Go to Contacts > List Companies

Then click Show All to get a list of all your contacts/clients in Streamtime.

Once you have a list of all your clients go to the Tag column and holding down the command key click inside one of the boxes in the tag column.

When the pop up window appears click Untag All.

All the boxes in the Tag column should now be untagged. This will ensure any old searches are cleared and don't become part of your new export.

Step 2 - Find the Companies you wish to be part of your export

Stay in the List View and click Advanced Search.

Use the different fields to compile the criteria for your search. E.g. you may wish to find All Clients, or all companies in a particular location etc. In the example above we've chosen to search for all Clients with an address in London.

You will now have a list of Companies associated with the criteria you selected.

Holding the command key down, click in one of the empty tag boxes.

When the pop up window appears click Tag All.

All the contacts in your search should now have a mark in the Tag box.

Step 3 - Adding Contacts/People to the Company export

Staying in Contacts go to List People and click Advanced Search.

Check the Company Tag box and click Search.

This will search for all the people that belong to the Companies you previously tagged.

And you will see these People/Contacts in a List View. You can now click the Export button to export them out of your system.

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