Streamtime allows you to keep a list of all your contacts, i.e. clients, suppliers and prospects, in one place. When adding contacts to Streamtime it's important to remember that the company comes first and the people or contacts that work at that company are secondary.

Adding a Contact to Streamtime

To add a new Contact to Streamtime click on the Contacts tab.

Then click the New Company button on the right hand side.

When prompted type in the Company name of your Contact and click OK.

Please Note: If you wish to integrate Streamtime with your Accounts Package the name of the Company MUST be identical in both your Accounts Package and Streamtime.

If you have your Job Numbers set up to have a Client Code in front of it, i.e. your Job Number is set to Custom Number with Client Code or Quote Number with Client Code.

Note: Setup > System Setup > Job Tracking is where you setup your Job Number format and the key length of your client code, should you want one.

Then when you click New, Streamtime will ask you to type in the Company name and also the code you wish to use for that client.

The Company is then created in Streamtime.

Note: If you wish to change the name of the company at any time you will need to click the edit button next to the company name.

You can then add in the Company's details like phone number, fax number, web address, postal and physical addresses by typing in the relevant fields.

To make sure the Country field defaults to your main Country.

Go to Setup > System Setup > Contacts and type in your default Country.

You can also use the Sort field to sort your Contacts in to different business sectors etc.

You can also:

  1. Assign someone in your company as the Client Manager of this new company

  2. Assign a Pricing Tier* for that particular Company, and

  3. Choose Payment Terms for that Company

*Note: The Pricing Tiers are setup in Setup > System Setup > Cost Matrix

To setup new payment terms in Streamtime go to Setup > System Setup > Invoicing and click the New Payment Term button.

You can also setup a default payment term for your Contacts by going to Setup > System Setup > Contacts.

You also need to select what Type of Company this is. By Type we mean is it a Client, Supplier, a Prospect or an Inactive company. Only Clients and Prospects will show when you're creating Jobs and Quotes and only Suppliers will show when you're creating Purchase Orders. So it's really important that you select the right Type for your Contact.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Contact that is a Client and Supplier then select Client & Supplier as the Type in the drop down menu. This will enable you to create Jobs and Quotes for this Contact as well as Purchase Orders.

It's also important that you assign the right Branch to your Contact as this will determine what tax code, currency and logo is used for this Contact.

Your Branch can be created in Setup > System Setup > Branches.

Adding People

To add contacts or people that work at the particular company click on the People sub tab and then click the New Person button on the right hand side.

Streamtime will prompt you to enter the First Name, Last Name and Email address of the person, once you have done this, click OK.

You can then click in the relevant fields to add a Title, Phone Numbers, Position etc.

Click the info arrow next the person's name.

This will then take you into a more detailed view for that person. In here you can put even more detail about this person e.g. iChat and Skype details etc.

You can also use the Sort field to manage your Contacts.

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