There are occasions when you may need to add unscheduled time entries or materials costs to jobs in Streamtime. Perhaps a courier cost or a client amendment for example.

To do this, sign into Streamtime Web and go to the Me tab.

Adding Non-Scheduled Time to a Job

Select the + symbol on the top right corner to add your time or material entry.

In the window that appears, select 'Add Time'.

Choose the job by scrolling through the list of Active Jobs, or search by entering part of the job name or number.

Now select the Task from the list and add any relevant notes.

To record the time spent in real time, select Start Timer.

When you're done, stop the timer and your time entry is saved.

To add time manually, just select the task, enter any notes, the time spent and save.

Time entries can be marked as billable or non billable here too.

The time will be added to the job, and will also appear in your timesheet for the day.

Adding a Material Cost to a job

To add a cost to a job, Choose Add Materials and select the item from the list.

Add any notes, enter the quantity and the cost rate. Mark it non-billable if required and save.

These costs are now added to the job and will also appear in your timesheet for the day.

NOTE: If you need back-date entries, just select the required date from the calendar when adding the time or material.

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